Funnily and maybe not so funnily, it all started over a drink (see what I mean by not-so-funnily) at the MBC regatta night late Feb. I was drunk and stupid enough to proclaim my stated objective of running a marathon one day and Prabhakar, who had the misfortune to be hanging around there, was drunk enough to take me up on that one. He actually called me for a run the next day to Anna Univ grounds.

I actually got up the next day and went.

Run log summary so far:
Date Day Approx kms App mins Notes – Place, Time etc
1-Mar-2009 Sun 4 25 Anna Univ – 1st day with Prabhakar
2-Mar-2009 Mon
3-Mar-2009 Tue 6 35 Anna Univ + Prabhakar. 1st lap slow; 2nd lap faster.
4-Mar-2009 Wed
5-Mar-2009 Thu
6-Mar-2009 Fri 6 30 Anna Univ + Prabhakar
7-Mar-2009 Sat
8-Mar-2009 Sun 8.5 50 Sunday morning long run – Kotturpuram – Gandhi Nagar – Back
9-Mar-2009 Mon
10-Mar-2009 Tue 7.5 45 Treadmill – Boatclub
11-Mar-2009 Wed
12-Mar-2009 Thu 3 15 Boatclub – Kotturpuram and back through the lanes (cheating) 🙂
13-Mar-2009 Fri
14-Mar-2009 Sat 8.5 50 Weekend morning long run – Kotturpuram – Gandhi Nagar – Back
Evening: 1 MBC lap with Chenthil after rowing
15-Mar-2009 Sun
16-Mar-2009 Mon 6 30 Anna Univ + Prabhakar – Tried some sprint-slow stuff
17-Mar-2009 Tue
18-Mar-2009 Wed 10 60 Long run at Anna Univ + Prabhakar – with Kalpathi Suresh and Co.
19-Mar-2009 Thu
20-Mar-2009 Fri 4 25 Fast run with Prabhakar – boat club
21-Mar-2009 Sat 6.5 40 3 laps around the lake – 1st day in Finland.
22-Mar-2009 Sun 9 50 Ran behind the girls. Nice bums. Nice run. 🙂
23-Mar-2009 Mon
24-Mar-2009 Tue 7 45 3 laps
25-Mar-2009 Wed
26-Mar-2009 Thu 9 60 4 laps around the lake. Good one.
27-Mar-2009 Fri
28-Mar-2009 Sat 10 60 1 hour on the treadmill. Though the treadmill showed the meter at 8 kms, I am confident that the pace was close to 10 km/h
29-Mar-2009 Sun 6 40 Ok run. 3 laps around the lake
30-Mar-2009 Mon 11 70 One of my best runs. 5 laps. The last 2 were at a good pace too.
31-Mar-2009 Tue
1-Apr-2009 Wed
2-Apr-2009 Thu
3-Apr-2009 Fri 3.5 20 1.5 laps. Something happened to my calves and I had to stop
4-Apr-2009 Sat 6.5 40 3 laps round the lake and got tired. 😦
5-Apr-2009 Sun 10 65 5 laps around the lake. Good run.
6-Apr-2009 Mon Break 🙂
7-Apr-2009 Tue 10 65 2 laps around the big (2 lakes) lake. Nice run – better than Sundays
8-Apr-2009 Wed
9-Apr-2009 Thu
10-Apr-2009 Fri
11-Apr-2009 Sat
12-Apr-2009 Sun
13-Apr-2009 Mon 3 12 2 rounds around boatclub. Slightly fast run, but when we picked it up further, it killed me
14-Apr-2009 Tue 5 30 Ran from MBC to the lighthouse – through Mylapore and Santhome beach. Got so tired by the time we reached lighthouse that we took the train back! 🙂

p.s.: Blog origin: I promised myself that I will start a blog IF I run in Finland and I did – the very day I reached there. I have even mentioned that on that day

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