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Bare with me

February 10, 2012 Leave a comment

It’ll be interesting to see how this barefoot running trend evolves. It is quite well documented that the Chris McD’s Born to Run has literally kicked off this rage and I’ve been swept in it as well.

But , all is not well with stripping your feet – I am injured now with a persistent and irritating foot pain.  Having said that, it is also my fault because I did not follow even rule #1 of transitioning to barefoot.

But, here is what happened, for the bloody diary and then we’ll talk about what it means.

  • Nov 28 is when the Vibrams arrived – that’s a good 2 months ago
  • Since then, I have used them on all quad classes (Dec was the off month – so 12 classes). So, just working out, moving around in them,
  • Runs – I think I have ran about 5-6 times in them; Almost every time it was the nice and easy 5-6ks on Saturdays that I used to get comfortable in them. The most I went on one of these runs was a 8k – very nice and very comfortable.

To be honest, I loved the feel of the vibrams; the lightness of the feet, the ability to wriggle toes and rather bizarrely, I liked their ugliness. :-). I always loved the saturday runs and thought that the Vibrams had a part to play in those.

So, a Sunday back (Jan 29 – 10 days ago) – I ran the classic on my bright-blues – 17k in a nice, slow, easy, chatty 1:56 min run with Yash and felt great even during then.

Then, back home – it stuck. A dull, nagging pain on the outside of my left foot; at a place where it had never pained before. No pain when I sit, stand or (obviously) lie down, but pains when I walk – even a 10 feet walk.

Picking a random picture from the net to show where it pains (this is not my feet 🙂 –


Mine is on the left leg (unlike the picture) and probably an inch or so below where the thumb is placed.

This persisted right through the week and also when I attempted the next Saturday run. I was hoping that it might ease out when we run, but I was wrong – it grew increasingly bad and I was forced to stop at 2k and was limping badly during the walk back to the car.

Been about 10 days now, and the walk-limp has considerably eased out. Now, I can walk about for a while with no pain, but I have not tried running yet.

I am kicking myself for having run a 17k when the previous longest was 8k. Obviously, I am an idiot. But, once I got this, I started reading more and more on the net and there are a number of people out there injured having run barefoot (or improperly transitioned to those).

Closer to home – Shahid and very recently Ramesh Seshadri have suffered as well. 

I would like to read and write a lot more about this, but let the Auroville weekend pass- I would like to listen to Barefoot Ted and surely there will be a lot more barefoot runners this weekend. Lets see what they have to say.

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Bad start to the Quad bootcamp

September 20, 2011 1 comment

<Errata below. Got a few points clarified and so it is only fair that I put those down as corrections to my assumptions. Marked with Sep 23>


Unfortunately, it has started off on a slightly discordant note.

We have not even started, but a few points which has been bugging me a little. Really. Just a little, but here they are:

  • # 1 – The agreement which they asked us to sign when we signed up was hopelessly one-sided. I really hadn’t seen such an one-sided agreement ever. It might be common in gyms to place all liability on the customer, but even by that standards, this totally relied on us signing without reading. Worse part was that I signed even after reading! 🙂


Is there a limit to the number of classes I can attend?


Nope! You register for the 10 week program and then its up to you to attend as many classes as you want. Note: At any point of time, if our coaches think that you are attending too many or too few classes we will work with you to optimize workout volume to ensure you are still progressing towards your goals.

This was what I liked. The flexibility and the approach. 

BUT – The very 1st point on their pre-class reminder email says this:

1. Everyone who registered for Mon-Wed-Fri sessions will have their first class on 19th of September (Monday) and everyone else will have their first class on the 20th of September (Tuesday). We will have a sign-up sheet and will be monitoring which and how many classes you attend. So please only attend classes you are registered for. If you have any travel plans and would like to attend a class you are not registered to, please contact us in advance.

Appears as if rules are being made up as we go. Flexibility, atleast for now, is relegated to the muscles.

<Sep 23: It’s been 2 classes done now, and I haven’t seen any “sign up sheet”. No such thing. But, I can certainly see how 3 classes a week is the optimal limit.>

  • # 3 – Just a days back, a few days before the bootcamp was going to start, I got this mail:

As we are getting close to the end of registrations for the BootCamp, we have noticed that there are lesser people interested in the 5-6 am time slot compared to the other slots (for obvious reasons of course). In the interest of providing you with high quality workouts that are challenging and fun, we would like to club both the 5-6am slots into one slot….

As a result, we will be moving both of you into the following special slot (along with others who registered for the 5-6am slots).

Time: 5am to 6am

Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

To be honest, I completely understood their position and predicament at that time, and I was ok with this. Senthil and I decided that we will run on Thursday and do the bootcamp on Tuesday and Friday.

But when you start to build a case, you got to get all the points :-).

<Sep 23: Now I feel a little dumb about writing this and wish I can take it back :-)>

  • # 4 – Finally today – Sep 20. Tuesday morning. The start of the bootcamp and when I jumped out of bed at 4 am, it was pouring buckets. But, I still got out, got ready and was locking up the house at 4:40 when I got the sms from Senthil saying that the class is called off – check mail.

Check mail!? At 4:40 am? I checked and saw this:

Hey guys,

Due to incessant rain, we are gonna cancel the 5am class today. We are not sure about the 6am and 7am classes yet (in case some of you want to attend that today). Regardless, we will make up for this missed class, and will send out an email to you guys later today on this.

We are really bummed about this, and were looking forward to working out with you guys today.



Not pissed off because it was cancelled. That is somewhat understandable. Pissed off because they could should have sent a sms – not just email. They have the numbers, and they probably have an iPhone.

<Sep 23: Biggest correction is here. They apparently DID sent out sms’es to everyone. Including me – to the number that I had given on the waiver form. This took me by surprise because I am not sure if I gave some other number and… yeah – I feel like a jackass. I apologized immediately, and here again – if I had given some other number and that’s why your sms did not reach – I am sorry.>

And then I see this on FB

No amount of rain could stop the Quad peeps from showing up n kickin ass on today’s squat workout! Great job guys!


<Sep 23: The FB status was talking about the 6-7 and 7-8 batch. The 5-6 batch was indeed cancelled. There were a couple who turned up but had to return.>

I am sure that in a few days (hopefully tomorrow) when the Bootcamp actually gets underway, all this will be forgotten and I will be jumping all over, :-), but wanted to crib somewhere for now..

<Sep 23: Now, things cleared and I feel better. Especially since the workouts have been awesome.>

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A Fresh Start

June 4, 2011 1 comment

Ok. So, the last 2 posts cleared the dust about where I am and what I have been doing for the last few months.

I am now convinced that they way I was approaching weights was wrong – too much, too soon. I’ll take it easy from now on.

Plan is: 2 runs and 2 weight sessions a week and that’s it. Run’s will be slow and on a R:W.

And I intend to write about it to keep it going.

Starting tomorrow.

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Keeping it going

January 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Just the 2nd day (Jan 21, 2011) and motivation is quite high. Didn’t have any problem waking up and found myself at Sterling club, all primed for a weights session, at 5.30 in the morning.

The gym ‘caretaker’ (I can’t find another name for a man who just opens and closes the gym doors each day) however found the weather as conducive for sleeping as it is for running. I just waited for about 15 mins before a combination of impatience and temptation made me go for a short run down to Mahalingapuram Ayyappan template and back : 4 kms exactly in 26 mins. The knee pain is still there, but once you resign to a long haul recovery journey, these are not as bothersome.

The gym was open when I got back and I went along with the same business – same weights, same reps, same routine – but somehow felt better at it.

Hope this continues.

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Indian girls winning the 4×400 Mts gold in the Commonwealth Games

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment


Seriously good. Goosebump stuff, probably thanks to the great commentary work.

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KTM Runners

September 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Spoke to Senthil,  returning from what I understand was a super-tough, baking hot Kaveri Trail Marathon. In Senthil’s words, it was "hot, hot, hot all the way"

(All timings are from their Garmin)
Anand – 4.28
Senthil – 4.35
Neville – 4.42
Ramesh – 5:15
Gauthama – 2.10
Bharghav – 2.22
Sudhir Ahuja – 3:20

Seriously terrific!

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Strapped for time

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Lots of things have changed suddenly, but the main ones are:

– My role and hence working time has increased considerably – by around 25% more

– Size of my family – by 25% 🙂

– Distance (and so travel time) to office, ever since I moved to Purusawakkam – by 25%

There are others – such as the coordination for the ECR 12 and a few parties thanks to a dear friend who is on vacation now – which has taken more toll on my time.

Running has almost stopped, weight is ever increasing and am also very afraid that my emotional bank balance is dwindling.


Now, I need to find some time.

From my life, the main items on the chopping block are – Facebook and this Blog. I don’t tweet much anyway, and when I check tweets, it is when I am crapping or waiting in a signal.

At least, on this blog, I am planning to condense the posts to a weekly edition, or better still, have no schedule at all. I’ll just keep it to some rambles whenever I feel like it.

That is the plan – what do you think?

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