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Good week since Bombay

January 21, 2012 1 comment

Typically, the week after a big event, especially a marathon, would be spent lazily, still soaking in and gloating about that experience, eating more than ever, partying a bit and basically doing everything but getting back to any kind of training.

Not this time though.

17 Jan (Tue) – went for my quad class and though I bailed out of the hard ones, I am glad that I went. I actually enjoyed the slow 5k + 5k bike ride. Madras has this nice chill nowadays and it’s brilliant.

18th Jan (Wed) – Krishna called for a 2k x 4 flyover killer, which thankfully turned out to be a gentle, chatty run. Very nice.

19th Jan (Thu) – Nothing; Skipped my quad session and stayed put. (Excuse – Deepu’s birthday and she was also a little sick)

20th Jan (Fri) – 100 mt hill sprints with Krishna. Just 2.5 kms net, but busted at the end of it.

21 Jan (Sat) – This is today. Was paired up with one of my favorite quad-mates (Bharathi) and we did some KB swings and some Thrusters. Followed that with a nice, easy 5k (in 35 mins), chatting all the way with Ramesh Seshadri.

Been pretty good. Doubt if this will stay this way for long, but it’s great while it does.

Krishna has an super plan going with which he is going to crack Auroville. As usual, I am trying to hitch a ride on his caravan.

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A perfect morning

January 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Saturday – Jan 7

It was so nice. It had just about everything – I biked, worked out at the quad, ran with friends and biked back – came home with a super buzz and didn’t feel a tad like a workout – It felt like I had a lot of fun.

At the quad – press, push, pull

They were out to kill us. I was beat at the end of the warm-up!

Then there was a short 2-set*8-10 reps of the press. I was struggling on a 12 kg press and had to resort to bent-knee thrusters to press it up.

Next were the rows which were much easier. I like the row. But this time, they introduced this different technique of rowing – straight on instead of side-on which I was not comfortable with.

So, first, here is the original (and conventional) row which I am comfortable and like to do.


This is what is described here in greater detail and in most videos if you search for “kettlebell row”.

But, the variation to this, what was introduced in this was what you’ll find if you search for the “Kettlebell bent over row” .

Raj and Arv asked us to follow whichever was more comfortable to us since they work the same muscle group, and so after 1 set on the bentover row, I went back to the conventional style where I felt better immediately.

Anyway, these were just teasers. The main killer came next – 50 jumpsquats (with weights) and 50 push-ups (unfortunately, I am still on knee push ups). I was paired up with Sivaram and it was a 5 min workout (I think). We swapped after every 5 jumpsquats and after 50 each, we were already wiped out. We managed about 30 push-ups each by which time, the coaches called time. Thankfully.

We staggered out of Bamboola. Biked so slowly to Dimensions and was there by around 0610.

The beautiful beginners run

Shahid started this “easy beginners 5k” a few weeks back in an effort to attract beginners and newbies to running. We felt that 10k or 1 hour was too intimidating and 0515 was too early a start time. 

The posts went out asking people to come in, enjoy themselves and do an easy run/ run-walk/ walk whatever, for any distance starting at an more earthly 0630.

The following beginners turned up: Bib Bala, Painter Senthil, Shankar, Shahid, Krishna, Sita (Krishna), later on – KK, and was it Manivannan who also joined. 🙂

And we went on this stroll through Boatclub, laughing, chatting, clicking pictures and having a whale of a time.

070120121271 070120121270

In case that bright blue didn’t hit you because of that brilliant vintage, those ugly things are my beautiful vibrams and this was my “longest” run on them – 5.8 kms :-).

Sita even thought she saw Rajnikanth walking, but was certain about Sivakumar. We had our share of celebsiting as well.

Biked back.

Mornings couldn’t get better.

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Filling in

January 3, 2012 1 comment

Couple of interesting weeks to finish off the year.

I had a couple of good 10ks and a nice half following the Shahid’s ultra. The half especially was super – On a 4:1 R:W with Shahid, we ran at a pretty good clip to finish the half in about 2:12 or so which was quite good. There was a lesson in there – even on a long run, it is better to be on the offensive than on the defensive. Cutting back on pace excessively and being too worried about the later miles upfront, and being ultra-cautious may prove to be counter productive. These few runs, I thought, was getting me back to my running groove.

And then I fell. Like a clumsy, fat oaf. Tripping on a tiny reflector but going down like a sack of potatoes, falling on my side where I had stuffed a water flask in my pocket – and hurt my quadriceps badly – or at least it felt real bad. It swelled up and even a slight touch ached. That was it. Out for more than a week and limping along most of the time, icing it and stretching it, hoping it becomes ok soon.

On that Sunday, since I couldn’t run, KK, Shankar and I went on this beautiful bike ride and KK took me to the broken bridge – arguably Madras’ most beautiful place.

251220111228 251220111232


Then, there were just 2 more runs – one slow one with the painter and another half with the monk.

Thane, thankfully, had settled down by then and it was actually very calm on Sat (Dec 31) morning. The devastating storm, which took 42 lives and laid to waste plenty of homes and properties, had crossed the coast and had left, paradoxically, a clean, washed and yet a littered Madras.

It was an awesome run with Ram that morning. The original plan was just to run to the broken bridge and back. But, the weather was so glorious that we kept going and finished with a lovely half done in a decent time. I did not stop the watch while we took a few mins break to admire the beauty of the sea down at broken bridge, and yet had a 21.8k done in 2:17.

Here are a couple of pics which shows Thane’s fury – giant trees uprooted at Anna Univ.

31Dec2011 _0704_Ram 31Dec2011 _0704


My Mumbai plans are all screwed. Totally gone. I had some ambitious plans but now, thanks partly due to certain things out of my control, but largely down to my bad planning, it now looks to be a race where I go and see if I can salvage a finish. 

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Month in review – Aug

August 22, 2011 1 comment

Up’ed it a little in Aug with a few long ones. Here is the DM snag


Type Title Dis (km) Dur Pace Calories Felt
8/20/2011 Running Long run! 25 2:53 6:55 2562 good
8/18/2011 Running Dimensions – BnB – Dimensions 12.3 1:18 6:20 1155 good
8/15/2011 Running Independence day run 27.6 3:20 7:14 2962 tired
8/13/2011 Cycling Easy ride 25 1:30 16.7km/h 1165 good
8/11/2011 Running Missing a few gears 12.6 1:22 6:30 1214 good
8/4/2011 Running Thursday LSD 12.4 1:23 6:41 1229 great
7/31/2011 Running Home – Classic – Home 30.6 3:30 6:51 3111 tired
7/26/2011 Running Long run from home 27.02 3:08 6:57 2785 tired


Running Thursday – but not quite a LSD 12.2 1:14 6:03 1096 great

Hmmm.. Looking at that – I actually expected more. Just 8 runs and 1 easy bike ride. I guess there were a couple of Wednesday w.o’s at Krishna’s as well. But, it’s been a decent month – the number of runs have been less, but the runs have been long and nice (=> 4 runs of 25k and above).

The significant points out of the month were:

  • The bloody cliff comes up way too fast. It’s been consistently coming around the 25k mark and I rapidly go downhill from there. But good news is that I know it’s coming, and when it is coming – and so I can work towards pushing that away.
  • Finally, made up my mind and signed up with the Quad. :-). If not anything else, my weekly plan and schedule until Dec 1st week is decided – 2 runs (one long) + 2 bootcamp sessions per week. Ok, added 1 party. Call that the well-earned-recovery-party.
  • Talking of recovery – there is now a recovery template which seems to work reasonably well if followed properly ==  No stretching – Eat immediately – Shower – Stick work – Sleep 1 hour with legs up => in that order within 2 hours! Then, a little more stick and then stretch => Then, I’ll be sore, but functionality would be restored! 🙂
  • Preeti is super. Contrary to what she is saying – if I stick with her somehow right through the training, Mumbai will be a breeze. :-). She can get through a rockface – what wall?
    Plans are set. Waiting is over. Run season starts. Hyderabad comes up first this weekend.

Just need to keep the muscles, bones, tissues, ligaments and joints all working. Commoniya!

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The patch in between

June 4, 2011 1 comment

Checked (again) just now and found out that the blog was last updated on Mar 15 and titled “Getting better, gaining hope and getting frustrated”

A lot of things have happened since then – late March, whole of April and the first half of May went by – with little bit of exercise, but a lot of food, lot of partying and a super holiday => all of which seems to have conspired to take me to a whopping 84 kgs.

Digging around – here is the list from that Mar 20 run when I felt the injury (for the 2nd run in a row) till the holiday break.

Date Type Title Distance (km) Duration Pace
3/15/2011 Running Gandhi Vanakkam 10.6 1:02:26 5:53
3/20/2011 Running AU Classic 16 1:44:00 6:30
3/22/2011 Elliptical Sterling club 2 0:20:00  
3/24/2011 Running Treadmill 3.3 0:20:00 6:03
3/26/2011 Running TM at Sterling club 10 1:00:00 6:00
3/27/2011 Walking Haddows rd park and around here 6 1:07:00 11:10
3/28/2011 Running TM Sterling 2.5 0:15:00 6:00
3/29/2011 Running Treadmill at Sterling 3.1 0:21:00 6:46
3/31/2011 Cycling Home to war memorial and back + a bit more 20.45 0:56:00 21.9km/h
4/1/2011 Running   10.3 1:08:00 6:36
4/4/2011 Elliptical Sterling club 3 0:30:00  
4/5/2011 Cycling With VPS, to RBI and back 21.3 1:00:00 21.3km/h
4/8/2011 Running Treadmill at Boatclub 3.3 0:20:00 6:03
4/9/2011 Elliptical At Sterling club 4.1 0:45:00  
4/9/2011 Running Treadmill 6.5 0:39:00 6:00
4/12/2011 Running Gandhi Vanakkam + 13.78 1:22:00 5:57
4/14/2011 Cycling Gemini – RBI – Home 23 1:08:00 20.3km/h
4/16/2011 Cycling Long ride 42.5 2:05:04 20.4km/h
4/17/2011 Elliptical Sterling club 3 0:30:00  
4/18/2011 Running MCC Chetpet run 6.4 0:48:00 7:29
4/19/2011 Running Dimensions – Marina – back 11.6 1:14:00 6:22
4/20/2011 Running A small run in the middle of a bike ride 2.2 0:13:30 6:08
4/20/2011 Cycling Home-Dimensions-RBI-Dimensions 27.4 1:30:00 18.3km/h
4/22/2011 Running Sterling club 4.3 0:30:00 6:58
4/24/2011 Running AU Classic 16 1:41:21 6:20
4/26/2011 Running Sterling club Treadmill 3 0:20:00 6:40
4/27/2011 Elliptical Sterling club 3.3 0:35:00  
4/28/2011 Running Thursday run 12.2 1:18:00 6:23
5/1/2011 Running Classic Minus 10.66 1:13:16 6:52

Hmmm.. it’s not that bad a list. But in those 45 days, there were just 4 road runs, some 5-6 times of good nice bike rides and all those tiny 3ks and Elliptical entries were all time in the gym.

Then the holiday happened.

Despite all of the above, I weighed a whopping 84 kgs and I was still not feeling good about myself.

Came back from the holiday, feeling better mentally and promised to get better physically.

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Is cycling to work counted?

January 28, 2011 2 comments

Been biking to work (partially – until the MRTS stations) and it’s been alright.

The distance, time and pace are all very bad, but hey, it’s at 9:15 in the morning wading through peak hour traffic, dodging bikes and buses and breathing in the most polluted air in the world.

Yuck – it’s seriously horrible when one of those diesel vans or trucks come right in front and spew a whole lot of black exhaust fumes on me, especially right when I would be putting that extra bit of effort to get ahead of someone else – It almost chokes me and I could feel that stuff going right down my lungs. The cigarettes were far better. 🙂

But do these count towards my workouts? These are under 5 kms, 20 mins each. So, quite bad, here they are anyway.

Jan 27 – Home to Lighthouse

Jan 27 – Mylapore to Home

Jan 28 – Home to Mylapore –

I hope so.

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Strides of Hope

January 24, 2011 Leave a comment

This weekend was all about Strides of Hope, an initiative by Santosh Padmanabhan raising support for Asha.

He had mailed Chennai Runners and asked if we would support it. I had taken that up and had mailed the group to fill in a google spreadsheet with whenever and whatever they wanted to do. The response was unbelievable.

While Santosh ran a mammoth 231 kms in 48 hours (from 1700 hours on Friday, Jan 21 to 1700 hours on Sat, Jan 23) – a feat beyond the realms of belief – the Chennai Runners were fantastic as well. We had opted for a 24 hour relay run with someone or the other running at all times. Most people went way beyond that, and here are some of my picks for some stupendous achievements in the last couple of days:

  • Anandaselvan – 177.6 kms in 12.06 hours, from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sunday. No words. Just stand-up and <clap, clap, clap..>
  • Shahid – 2 runs: 19.5 kms (2 am to 4 am) + 15.04 kms (noon to 2 pm) – he picked the *toughest* slots available
  • Ramani sir (with Shahid, 19.5 from 2-4) – he is on a roll nowadays!
  • Venu – what do you say about this silver-haired man who just keeps going on and on. He did 3 runs totaling 70 kms!
    • Sat 22/1 – Ran 17kms for 2hrs 11min
    • Sun 23/1 – Ran 43 kms for 5hrs 46min
    • Sun 23/1 – Waked ~10kms for 2hrs 10min
  • Senthil and Ramesh – 27k in 3:00 at AU, from 9pm to 12 midnight
  • Ashok also went on multiple runs
    • Took the 1 – 2 am tough slot- 8.5k
    • and then went out again, but this time at 4:30 am – very commendably motivating 17 other people from his apartment to join him
  • Thavavigna – 32k in 4:40 – 6 pm to 11 – Can you believe if I said he ran 32 kms just by going around and around Somasundaram ground!
  • Ramkumar and Usharani – 5 am to 10 am – 2 silent achievers who just went out and did it
  • Ravikumar – 5 to 9 am – 34 kms – another solo performance in totally different part of the city. A rocking run

There were plenty more, but these I can remember offhand.


Ok, now, what did I do:

On Saturday evening, I went to Dimensions with the intention of walking or run-walking a few kms and kicking off the SoH run. Hari was doing his first run in several months and it was so good to join him. I met Ram who was on his way to Dimensions for a gym workout. He can never resist a run and so joined us. 🙂

He pulled us along and finally it turned out to be a good 10k run through Boat club and Kotturpuram! Hari was too good to run with that leg! He, though, stopped after 5k when he started developing a bad limp.  For me,there was only a small tinge of pain that came around the 5k mark stayed, but was great to do the run. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible and wouldn’t even have attempted it. Thanks to Ram! He made my day, and the fact that it was for SoH made it all the more better. 🙂

Then, on Sunday, slept soundly and Cycled to AU, met Balaji and Vilwa. Collected the SoH certificates. Had a senthil-style triple course breakfast and biked back. Easy morning. 🙂

Decent weekend. The SoH was fantastic, but for me personally, from a training point of view – the 10k was great, but otherwise, ate too much and ended up compromising the weekend overall.

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