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Bare with me

February 10, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’ll be interesting to see how this barefoot running trend evolves. It is quite well documented that the Chris McD’s Born to Run has literally kicked off this rage and I’ve been swept in it as well.

But , all is not well with stripping your feet – I am injured now with a persistent and irritating foot pain.  Having said that, it is also my fault because I did not follow even rule #1 of transitioning to barefoot.

But, here is what happened, for the bloody diary and then we’ll talk about what it means.

  • Nov 28 is when the Vibrams arrived – that’s a good 2 months ago
  • Since then, I have used them on all quad classes (Dec was the off month – so 12 classes). So, just working out, moving around in them,
  • Runs – I think I have ran about 5-6 times in them; Almost every time it was the nice and easy 5-6ks on Saturdays that I used to get comfortable in them. The most I went on one of these runs was a 8k – very nice and very comfortable.

To be honest, I loved the feel of the vibrams; the lightness of the feet, the ability to wriggle toes and rather bizarrely, I liked their ugliness. :-). I always loved the saturday runs and thought that the Vibrams had a part to play in those.

So, a Sunday back (Jan 29 – 10 days ago) – I ran the classic on my bright-blues – 17k in a nice, slow, easy, chatty 1:56 min run with Yash and felt great even during then.

Then, back home – it stuck. A dull, nagging pain on the outside of my left foot; at a place where it had never pained before. No pain when I sit, stand or (obviously) lie down, but pains when I walk – even a 10 feet walk.

Picking a random picture from the net to show where it pains (this is not my feet 🙂 –


Mine is on the left leg (unlike the picture) and probably an inch or so below where the thumb is placed.

This persisted right through the week and also when I attempted the next Saturday run. I was hoping that it might ease out when we run, but I was wrong – it grew increasingly bad and I was forced to stop at 2k and was limping badly during the walk back to the car.

Been about 10 days now, and the walk-limp has considerably eased out. Now, I can walk about for a while with no pain, but I have not tried running yet.

I am kicking myself for having run a 17k when the previous longest was 8k. Obviously, I am an idiot. But, once I got this, I started reading more and more on the net and there are a number of people out there injured having run barefoot (or improperly transitioned to those).

Closer to home – Shahid and very recently Ramesh Seshadri have suffered as well. 

I would like to read and write a lot more about this, but let the Auroville weekend pass- I would like to listen to Barefoot Ted and surely there will be a lot more barefoot runners this weekend. Lets see what they have to say.

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