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Jan 22 – 25

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I don’t know why I am so obsessed with maintaining this double diary – there is this log on dailymile which is more than good enough, but God knows why, I still want to write this crap down.

Maybe because I can’t write on dailymile that I felt like an idiot when I woke up at 0830 on Sunday (Jan 22) morning having argued with myself, slept in and missed the Sunday run despite having promised at least a couple of people that I will come.

Tuesdays are the *benchmark* days at the quad when lightbulbs are supposed to flash as we *see the progress* week-on-week with the bread and butter of these workouts – the squat and the push-up.

  • Squats are ok. I can just about squat 20 reps with 24 kgs. Just. (notes – I found it easier to use 2 x 12 kg kettlebells which balances out the weights a little better than holding a single 24 kg kettlebell)
  • Push-ups are still NOT ok. I am frustrated with the lack of progress on my upper body and core strength. I still can’t hold a friggin 20 sec elbow plank and I still can’t do 1 proper, good form push up. Can you believe that? I can’t do a solitary, proper push-up. 

Wednesday was supposed to be the ‘easy’ day – a “skill” day where we learn a new move and the focus is not on killing it. But it was super tough! Diagonal displacement was the move today and many of us knew it earlier and I was pretty much wiped after I did some 50 of those (25 on each side).

That’s it – because Jan 26, the YMCA Republic Day Half Marathon deserves a post just for itself.

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