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Good week since Bombay

January 21, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Typically, the week after a big event, especially a marathon, would be spent lazily, still soaking in and gloating about that experience, eating more than ever, partying a bit and basically doing everything but getting back to any kind of training.

Not this time though.

17 Jan (Tue) – went for my quad class and though I bailed out of the hard ones, I am glad that I went. I actually enjoyed the slow 5k + 5k bike ride. Madras has this nice chill nowadays and it’s brilliant.

18th Jan (Wed) – Krishna called for a 2k x 4 flyover killer, which thankfully turned out to be a gentle, chatty run. Very nice.

19th Jan (Thu) – Nothing; Skipped my quad session and stayed put. (Excuse – Deepu’s birthday and she was also a little sick)

20th Jan (Fri) – 100 mt hill sprints with Krishna. Just 2.5 kms net, but busted at the end of it.

21 Jan (Sat) – This is today. Was paired up with one of my favorite quad-mates (Bharathi) and we did some KB swings and some Thrusters. Followed that with a nice, easy 5k (in 35 mins), chatting all the way with Ramesh Seshadri.

Been pretty good. Doubt if this will stay this way for long, but it’s great while it does.

Krishna has an super plan going with which he is going to crack Auroville. As usual, I am trying to hitch a ride on his caravan.

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  1. January 21, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    what super plan? After reading all the scmm reports – i am getting jitters and am wondering how underprepared I am going to be. So when are you going to post your mumbai experience in the group? the junta (silent majority) needs some inspiration you know…

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