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Arvind – the form man; and a short run

January 12, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve always noticed this – Arv is the form and posture man. He has a good eye and would focus on form and posture. He would rather get people to do lesser but with an increased emphasis on ‘getting it right’. He doesn’t care much about ‘killing it’. If you want form corrected, Arv’s the man.

Today was no different – we went through the drill but with an eye on posture.

I didn’t like the circuit so much though – it had a few that I don’t like:

  • Jumps – forgot the name of this one, but basically had jump using the hinge. <Poor>
  • Lunges – lunge and twist <Average. Not bad>
  • Scorpions – Hate them! <v.poor>
  • Push-ups – still knee push-ups! <improving ever so slightly>

We (paired up with Sherrif)  did these, not pushing for time,  and in reps of 5 each – we got some 5 sets done! That was it.


Came home (by around 0625) and all of them were still fast asleep. Changed shoes, grabbed some water and went for a nice, easy, slow and short 5k around the neighborhood and I guess this would be my last one before Bombay.   

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