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Filling in

Couple of interesting weeks to finish off the year.

I had a couple of good 10ks and a nice half following the Shahid’s ultra. The half especially was super – On a 4:1 R:W with Shahid, we ran at a pretty good clip to finish the half in about 2:12 or so which was quite good. There was a lesson in there – even on a long run, it is better to be on the offensive than on the defensive. Cutting back on pace excessively and being too worried about the later miles upfront, and being ultra-cautious may prove to be counter productive. These few runs, I thought, was getting me back to my running groove.

And then I fell. Like a clumsy, fat oaf. Tripping on a tiny reflector but going down like a sack of potatoes, falling on my side where I had stuffed a water flask in my pocket – and hurt my quadriceps badly – or at least it felt real bad. It swelled up and even a slight touch ached. That was it. Out for more than a week and limping along most of the time, icing it and stretching it, hoping it becomes ok soon.

On that Sunday, since I couldn’t run, KK, Shankar and I went on this beautiful bike ride and KK took me to the broken bridge – arguably Madras’ most beautiful place.

251220111228 251220111232


Then, there were just 2 more runs – one slow one with the painter and another half with the monk.

Thane, thankfully, had settled down by then and it was actually very calm on Sat (Dec 31) morning. The devastating storm, which took 42 lives and laid to waste plenty of homes and properties, had crossed the coast and had left, paradoxically, a clean, washed and yet a littered Madras.

It was an awesome run with Ram that morning. The original plan was just to run to the broken bridge and back. But, the weather was so glorious that we kept going and finished with a lovely half done in a decent time. I did not stop the watch while we took a few mins break to admire the beauty of the sea down at broken bridge, and yet had a 21.8k done in 2:17.

Here are a couple of pics which shows Thane’s fury – giant trees uprooted at Anna Univ.

31Dec2011 _0704_Ram 31Dec2011 _0704


My Mumbai plans are all screwed. Totally gone. I had some ambitious plans but now, thanks partly due to certain things out of my control, but largely down to my bad planning, it now looks to be a race where I go and see if I can salvage a finish. 

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  1. Momski
    January 4, 2012 at 5:31 am

    Good show, jindappa, keep it up

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