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My turn!

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Boy! It was all about toughing it out today. I was paired up with a tough cookie – sharada.

Workout – [25 x 3 kettlebell swings] + [5 diagonal displacements on each side x 5] + [push-ups] – this was a timed workout.

The swings were fine, but the diagonal displacements were not! Most definitely not. The last few sets were on sheer will.

Time was up by the time we got to the knee-push-ups and so we just a couple of sets of 10 each.

That was it it for today.


Umm. not entirely. I had promised the coaches that I will take them to either boatclub or sterling club for them to do deadlifts. That requires a barbell and some heavy weights. So after class, I went home, had a small breakfast, showered and got back to Bamboola by 8 just as they were wrapping up their last class and we went to the boat club where they deadlifted while I watched them. My turn to watch them in some pain!

181120111035 181120111038

 181120111043 181120111045

Needless to say, they were awesome. They deadlifted 126 kgs (277 pounds), and it was far from their best or anything.

They were actually saying that they were struggling due to multiple reasons – the bar was slippery, they hadn’t worked out with heavy weights in months and the bar was fairly low (smaller weights stacked up against a heavier bigger wheel).

Arvind went on to do some overhead presses as well.

Phew! It was terrific!

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