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The bootcamp works. Not that I doubted it, but today was ample evidence that it does. It was almost as if, as we near the end of the camp, Raj wanted to show us that it did. He started, a tad dramatically as usual

We’ll do 1 workout today – squats. We’ll squat till the cows go home

That’s what we did. Just squats.

We were to start the workout with the weight that we originally started the bootcamp Day 1 with. I didn’t remember that weight and so I started with a 12kg kettlebell.

Idea was simple – do 8 reps and if you could do 8 reps with that weight, go to the next weight (which is 4 kgs heavier).

Today, everyone – EVERYONE – rocked. Serious kickass.

Arvind Bharthi – my favorite in the class for his wide smile and gutspill workouts – pushed and squatted with perfect form until 48 kgs or something. He is super-super.

Girish – the mountain, easily the strongest and fittest in the class – could squat 48 easily and so Raj got him to go to 20 reps on the last set on 48 kgs. Phew! You should have seen him on that set. Serious power.

Our own painter Senthil – whose distaste for weights and squats is known – rocked! He was brilliant, kept going on and on, each time saying that he is done, but added that 4 kg more and did that extra set! He gave it everything and probably is the only one who came close (i.e. with the smallest differential) to squatting their own body weight! I think he went upto 36 kgs or something!

Zaheer – This man is the among the quietest of the lot. He is almost not there. He goes about his workouts with the least fuss. And that is exactly how he nailed it this morning – with no fuss, perfect posture, just kept going on and on and on – he went on till 48 kgs! People like me, for instance, would be grunting – but Zaheer would line up the weights, swing it up and go!

Nandakumar – The oldest man in the class. What was he doing here? Softspoken and calm, graying hair and totally out of place in this bootcamp. Seemingly. Was I wrong? and how badly wrong.. Same story – no fuss, no noise – line them up and squat them. How much – 48 kgs again! No kidding. Towards the end, when I was dying, I would just look at this man going down and up every time and draw that extra bit of energy that I needed for my set. This man is 50 or so (I remember him saying this a few days back) and this is… forget it. I can’t describe.

The girls – oh wow! They were in a different league. I mean, all of us improved compared to Day 1. Significantly – most did, or came close to doing, almost double what they started with. But the girls – they went 3 times, 4 times what they started with!

Sharada – She’s the cool one. VW Polo, saunters in always whistling in a tune or humming a song, strolls out the same way and in the class – fucking rocks it. Gets into her |zone| and is easily the strongest, fittest (and the coolest) babe out there. She was awesome today. Started with a 12 kgs (warm-up for her) – moved on until a 28, struggled a little, grit her teeth and ground it out till a 32! Stuck to that and did a few more sets. But, she still checked out at the end of the class like she had been to a park.

Najma – Petite, small tiny and almost delicate. Zaheer’s wife. Looks like a 16 yr old – a super candidate for that santoor ad (she has 2 kids! I didn’t believe it until I saw them at kartwheel one day) – and I remember that she started with 0 weights, just free squats. Today, she was kicking ass! I don’t remember how much weight she used, except the kettlebell was almost as big as her!

Lalitha – This is the Indiarubbergirl. I didn’t follow her workout today and don’t know how much she did. But, at the end of the class – I remember she said that she started with 4 kgs 2 months back and now maxxed out at 24! Just imagine that! That’s a jump 6 times over!

Swetha – Didn’t follow her workout much either, but I saw one set, and I don’t know the weight – in terms of sheet intensity and giving-it-all, the effort was writ all over. Seriously outstanding.

Janani – Also didn’t follow, but it seemed as if she was not in her element today. But, she’s the bike babe. Girish and Janani come all the way from KK Nagar in Girish’s Avenger (a strapping, big 200 cc bike) and on several days it is Janani who rides it back, looking every bit at ease looking like that bandana clad Harley folks.

I went upto 48 and failed on the 4th rep and very kicked about the whole thing.

A few of them didn’t make it today – am sure Prakash and Kumaran would have killed it as well.

Phew. I wrote way longer than I wanted to, but I guess this will help me remember my 1st quad bootcamp mates. 🙂

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