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Counting down

November 15, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

5 more classes to go and we are done with this bootcamp.

So, we were warned – no more easy sessions (as if there were any), and if today was a prelude to the rest of the classes, we are in for a very tough end to the bootcamp. And we don’t want it any other way. 🙂

Will copy-paste the workout from Senthil’s DM

Intense workout at quad today…Complex routine as Raj/Arvind calls it (5 shoulder press, 5 squat, 8 thrusters, 5 squat, 5 shoulder press). 4 rounds of this, with a partner. You get to rest when partners does a round. Did with 8K weight. Then it was a variation of Burpees, increasing the # of pushups/jumpsquats every burpee.

The weights up there were sacks of sand! It was a bit tricky with those things and were certainly tiring.

On the burpee, I am still on knee-pushups and my bruise from the Sunday run fall was irritating me right through. It’s just a small wound on my palm, but it kind of irritated me during the push up.

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