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Holding back

November 8, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

(Nov 4 – Friday)

Raj banned us (Senthil and I) from any killer workouts today when we told him (as a matter of conversation) that we would be running the half tomorrow.

The 1st part of today’s workout was the clean and press that we learnt yesterday (oh, I didn’t post yesterday, but we didn’t do much yesterday other than just learning how to clean and press the kettlebell) + 100 bridges. I was paired up with Lalitha and she just rocked on the bridge.

Lalitha is probably the most flexible person I have ever seen. She is like the India rubber girl – she twists, turns and folds in angles that often I have difficulty figuring out which part of her body is coming out of where. It’s a sight when she stretches because it’s a massive struggle for her to get the stretch going! Wow. I would kill for that kind of flexibility.

Anyway, she just flexed and flew through the bridge set so quickly, that I had to stop her at 50 so that I can do (as partners, I had to do as much as she had done on her 1st set – and she was still going at 50!). I stopped her, struggled through my set and did one more set.

After that, Senthil and I were removed from the killer workout – the rest of the folks did about 100 squats – in about 5 mins. Ouch.

Senthil and I did a couple of easy Turkish get-ups. 🙂

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