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Diagonal Displacements!?.. and a super partner

October 28, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Fancy name, that, for something which is quite a basic move, but one which still worked me out and had me struggling.

I’ll copy paste from Senthil’s DM entry to describe today’s workout:

longer warmup signaled that we had a tough one today….The workout was done in pairs. One one works out other rests. First was thrusters and diagonal twist with kettle bell. 2 sets (1 set is both sides) each person.

Next was burpees for 20 seconds alternating between the partner, 6 sets per person. Then it was planks (regular or hall of hold) for 20 secs alternating between partner, 6 sets per person…First one with weights was way too difficult for me. Had to switch to a lesser weight after 1 set. Lagging in terms of strength to body weight ratio..Exhausted…Good session

The diagonal displacement thing is something like this, except that we squat lower and we twist more. Otherwise very similar.

What I really liked was pairing up and working out with Arvind Bharthi. He is a really cool dude – always smiling, built like a bloody rock, spilling guts on his workouts, always on time (or mostly very early) – and always looks out for his partner.

Typically, if Girish Ravi (another cool, awesome mountain of a man) is around, Arvind would pair up with him because their kettlebell ranges would be similar. But, Girish has not been around for the last couple of classes and Arvind got saddled with me.

When I finish my set, I am gone. Lights are flashing and I take a few seconds to get a basic understanding of where I am. Arvind is already ripping along on his set before I could offer some feeble encouragement. But, not the other way – when Arvind is done – he is right on the ball, watching out for me, correcting my form, giving me the count, pushing me to do more, BUT not at the cost of a loss of form. When he sees me faltering (which is most of the time) – he gives a “reset” count, asks me to breathe, to take it easy when it’s needed and rushes in to hold the kettlebell if I am buckling.

Awesome chap.

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  1. Momski
    November 5, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    I think it’s awesome the way you stick to the regime, which itself is great

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