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What’s the exercise that I can’t even do even once?

October 25, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ans: Pull-up

and that was on today. Damn. I hate the pull up. It defeats me completely. I can’t get myself up. Not even half way up. I can’t even hang, dammit!

Make it more embarrassing. Put a stool and climb up and see if you can at least get down slowly hanging on the bar. Ah. I forgot gravity. I forgot 82 kgs and the lack of muscles in my arms and shoulders and back. I dropped – almost a free fall.

Next – climb up using the stool to prop you up, and also use that to support while coming down. Only rule – use the upper body as much as you can. Ok, this seems doable.

5 reps and done. Damn! I am pathetic in this pull up/ chin up thing.

That wasn’t all. What was it that Raj called it? The complex something – but basically it involved 1 kettlebell with which you had to do

1) press –-> 2) squat –> 3) squat-press –> 4) squat –> press – each 5 times, with the kettlebell on one hand. Then the same thing on the other hand.

We started with a 12 kg kettlebell. The squats are ok, but since my upper body is so weak, I couldn’t press 12 kgs and had to drop to 8 kgs.

But, I liked the complex thing. Seemed to seriously tire, but I could do it. At least 1-2 reps. Unlike that lousy chin-up.

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