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Get up, you Turkey!

October 20, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today we were introduced a new move – The Turkish Get-up. The long wordy version is here.

It’s one complicated way to get up – put this arm here, that leg there, swivel, get that leg in front, lunge up – and that’s 25%. Do it down and then to the other arm.

Then, Raj comes up with this brilliant idea. He takes a paper cup with water and places it on our clenched fist. We are not holding it, nor is it on our flat palms. It is on our clenched fist.

That’s basically asking us to dunk ourselves – which is what we did – until we got it right, in about 5-6 attempts. It isn’t much of a workout (at least not yet, since the weights were not in play yet) and it’s good fun trying to keep that cup balanced and then it would teeter and if you were not so lucky, spill right on top of us.

and Girish found out that – in case you cheat and try holding on to the cup, Raj would come around and pour the water on you! :-). Good fun.

It was too easy to last and so the next part was the actual workout – Single hand kettlebell squat press – which we did 5×5 in each hand – not too much, but it was a strong workout that felt good.

But the day belonged to the Turk.

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