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Push up sucks; and some credit where it’s certainly due

October 14, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

My push-ups that is. I just can’t do it and am pathetic at it.

Back at the Quad after missing 4 classes, and though I hate to admit it, I was missing this stuff. No motivational problems this morning to wake up and bike across to Bamboola.

After some warm-ups, and some work out explaining, partner pair-up etc, the workout started – simple enough = 50 push-ups (as usual, knee push-ups for me), 50 squats and 50 kettlebell swings.

Partner (Prakash) and I decided to do it as a 10×5 routine starting with push-ups, followed by the squats and then the kettlebell swings. During his 10 reps, I rest (count and egg him along) and vice versa.

My push-up is horrible. Even the knee push up. I was struggling in that from the beginning. No upper body strength at all. Core is all flab.

Squats and swings are ok. Not great, but I’ll get them done somehow without flopping over.

Finished the workout in 15.something mins. Not bad.

There was some time to get some sprints done too. 3 of them – over a distance which couldn’t be more than 30 mts or even lesser.

Basically, today I think was probably the easiest day so far.

Now for the compliments. Thanks to the Quad.

I didn’t write this during my run report yesterday, but thinking more about it today, there is no doubt in my mind that my workouts with the Quad helped immensely during the Munich run. 

I am not talking about the time or the pace, but I remember all the long runs and how it was during the last few kms. That ‘last few kms’ could be anywhere from 3-4 kms or even 15+ kms – depending on when I reach my cliff.

Once I get to that point, I stop running and get into a ‘flail mode’ = There would be no form, no rhythm – just stumble forward, tongue hanging, hands flailing with just one rule – run move forward and get it done with.

But, that was not the case last Sunday. Sure, I felt tired. Exhausted even and I got to my cliff, even earlier than expected. BUT, even during kms 30-42 and when I was too tired to run for 2 mins and had to cut to a 1-1, when I ran – I ran straight. Head-up, looking around, cheering, and whooping.

Then the recovery – Normally, I take ages to recover. Days. But here, I was ok by Monday afternoon and back to normal by Tuesday. I would have run on Wednesday morning if not for the fact that I got drunk on Tuesday night. 🙂

I credit the Quad for just that bit of extra strength in my legs. Thanks guys.

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