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10 mins

When I look back at today’s workout, it seems so little:

  • Workout #1 = [6 kettlebell swings + 6 lunges on each leg] x 6 sets
  • Workout #2 = [8 jump squats + 6 pikepresses] x max sets

Both were timed to 5 mins each.

I barely finished the 1st workout. Got to the end of the 6th set just when they counted down 3-2-1.

<break happened>

I didn’t finish the 2ndworkout. From the 4th set, the jump squat became just a squat, and slowed to a crawl willing the seconds to tick away.

In that 1 hour class, strip away the warm-up, the set-up, the theory, the practice swings and the stretches – and all you got is this 10 mins of workout.

10 mins. And that nails us. At the end of that 5 min, after the 2nd workout, I looked around and didn’t see a pretty picture. Some were flopped on their backsides, some sitting down, some leaning on a fence and I was afraid that they might throw up and since I couldn’t walk to the fence, I surveyed the scene while hanging onto a ladder there.

Another 10 mins and we recovered pretty well and felt good about the whole thing, but Senthil and I were still quite surprised on the intensity of a 5 min workout blast.

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  1. Anonymous
    October 10, 2011 at 4:43 am

    no idea what kettle bell swings or pike presses mean or what it entails, any way, good luck to u

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