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One way down

September 29, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sep 29. Thursday. Day 4.

But before we get to this, let’s post script Day 3 = I thought Tuesday was alright and I even wrote “But, none of this killed us – mainly because we were learning the moves today..” but I sure didn’t see what was coming. It started mildly on Tuesday, but the pain started by Tuesday night and by yesterday, my hamstrings were so tight that I couldn’t walk right and was waddling around like a duck. Tried stretching, but the pain remained – not the bad kind of injury-pain, but the “nice” kind of soreness which if nothing else, speaks of a solid workout.

Now, to today. There was a warning already posted on FB

Today was The Quad’s first ‘workout’! No lessons. No taking it easy. We warmed up. We lined up the weights. We killed it! Great job guys. This was a particularly hard workout, and pretty much all of you pushed real hard and made it count! Very proud.

Thursday batch – Come prepared!


I grimaced and rolled harder with the stick trying to get the hamstring going, but it was still a tad sore when I biked out this morning.

I started innocuously enough with some easier warm-ups for a change, and then Arvind lined us up and taught us some running drills. I had seen these before – this was *exactly* what  Arv had already blogged about.


Somehow, the drill felt a bit unnatural to me – especially the bit where we had to hop, pull on 1 leg and fall forward. It felt a little weird, but maybe when we do have the sprint sessions which have also been threatened, some of these bits might make more sense.

And then it started. We got the weights out and there was just 1 workout that was prescribed for the day:

  • Take the weight which you had used during the squat session a few days ago and do 6 jumping squats with them + do 8 push-ups (knee push-ups for me) x 10 sets

For me, that meant 24 kgs. But, I could not do 2 (yeah – two) jumping squats with that. Raj saw me grunting and immediately asked me to get down to 20 kgs.

Not that it made life any easier. I could squat – going down is fine, but that’s typically where I stayed. Getting up and using that momentum to jump even a few inches off the ground was bloody difficult. I swear I tried, but there was this horrible Monica Seles grunt that I couldn’t avoid, and I hated that too. And then, I was hopping forward with each jump. I would start at one place and within 4-5 jump squats, I would be a couple of feet in front of me – the weight was just dragging me forward. Oh yeah – on most times, I cheated – I’ll get down on the 6th squat, leave the weight there on the ground and jump straight up.

Then came the push-ups. I was doing knee push-ups and compared to the jumpsquat, this was a tad bit easier – but that’s a loaded sentence. Compared to the jumpsquat, I’ll skydive without the parachute and hope to survive.

5 sets and I couldn’t carry the 20 kgs, far less jump with it. I dropped down to a 16 kg kettlebell, took my time between the sets – and did 2 more sets! That was it. 7 sets out of 10, and I was so done. Most of them had done 10 sets by then – or – were so beat that they were done too, and so the coaches called time on the workout.

All of us, except this one dude, looked as if we were just pulled out of an aircrash wreck. This dude, Imtiaz, if I am not mistaken, looked as if he had taken a stroll in the park as he ground out the 10 sets of 6 jump squats (with 32 – thirty two – kg kettlebells) and 10 perfect push-ups, the last 2 clapped for good measure.

Anyway, there was nothing else we could do. Just stretched a little and somehow hauled myself back home.

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