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Hanging out of the hinges

September 27, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Quad Day 3 – Sep 27

Biked over today and was surprised to see that the distance is exactly 5.00 kms!

Been thinking of inviting Raj and Arvind over for a couple of training sessions for the Chennai Runners. Chow spoke with them yesterday and Raj and I had a brief chat about this today. It’ll be good if this can be done.

That done, the class started.

Today, we learnt ‘the Hinge’ – which to me is a cross between a Good Morning and a stiff-leg deadlift. I would even say that it is best described as a Kettlebell Good Morning.

Right – it is exactly that actually – as done in this video. No change.


All same principles – head up, looking ahead, back straight, ok again – back straight, knees not bent, stretch at the hamstring, butt push back, squeeze glutes and lift, thrust out, no use of hands or elbows. Super workout for the hamstring and glutes and pretty good for the back too.

Next was the planking-scorpion – which is this and while this looked difficult when demo’ed, it was not that difficult to do.


Next on the menu was the single arm kettlebell press. That’s straightforward – just grab and push it up. But it is quite clear that I am struggling big time on the upper body weights. I was finally doing real light weights on this.

But, none of this killed us – mainly because we were learning the moves today and Raj warned us that Thursday is when the suffer-fest is scheduled.

But, since we were not flopping all over and threatening to throw-up yet, Raj took us over for some shuttle-sprints. This was fun – we had to criss-cross a small courtyard, touching a step here, a tree there, a swing here and end at the gate. This was good fun and certainly got us winded.

Stretches and done. Good stuff today too.

According to the main plan, we were supposed to skip Thursday’s class and run on that day. But, am very tempted to skip the run and make it for Thursday’s class. Let’s see how it goes.

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