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Back on track!

September 22, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Started today – 1st day on the Quad workout and it was totally super! :-).

Jumped out of bed at 4 and 1st thing I did was to check if it was raining! It wasn’t and I was there at Bamboola at 4:45. Just missed being the 1st person out there – there was another dude called Anand Bharthi who just got there before me, and couple of mins, the coaches joined.

The group gathered – most on time and some late.

But, importantly, we started exactly on time (5:00 am). Intro’s happened and some brief talk later (~5 mins) – the “warm-up” started.

There is a reason as to why those are in “quotes” – because they kill. These are not the gentle, swing-your-arms, shake-yourself warm-ups, but some serious workout in itself. Most of them (the high knee running, butt kick running, sidesteps) were perfectly fine – in the good, old mould.

Then came this bit which, even when it was demo’ed by Arv, I winced inwardly – we had to do this big massive leap forward, land on both foot and in one motion – squat and use that momentum to propel forward on the next leap. That hurt. Maybe it’s called a frog-jump, no a frog-leap, because that’s how it felt. Barely had we recovered from it when we had to crawl back. No kidding – actually, get down and crawl back, and that hurt too.

Looking back, this was the toughest of the whole day – even more so than the actual workout. Warm-ups must have taken about 15 mins.

We learnt how to squat. Yeah, we knew already how-to, but it was still good to listen and get it right. I don’t know if I got it right completely, but it tallied with how I thought it should be done. This describes it perfectly anyway. Learning squats – ~10 mins.

Then came the actual workout – which involved doing 50 knee-push-ups (well, the others did full, proper push-ups, and those who can’t – did the knee push-ups). Obviously, I can’t even do 20 knee push-ups and the penalty for that is to do 20 high-knees and 20 sidehops.

Here is where it got extremely embarrassing. I was somewhat very nicely positioned (by default, not by design – I fell into the group which could not do proper push-ups) in between these 2 girls, and was busy jumping up and down, doing my high knees, when almost shockingly – I let go of this horrifyingly loud fart. Normally, when this happens, most people (at least runners) would ignore it and continue totally oblivious of it. In fact, runners wouldn’t even break sentence if they were talking. But these 2 girls looked at me and stared – and I actually muttered “sorry” while I continued my high knees, wishing the earth would open up and cursing the chenna and sundal that I ate yesterday.

This workout was timed as a benchmark and I think it would have taken about 12-15 mins.

I got as far away as possible from those 2 once this bit was done, this time between the more understanding Senthil and Gauthama for the next bit – which was jumping-jacks. No problems there :-). 4 mins. This was timed too.

And then a little bit of stretches and done – beat, but very enjoyable.

(and yeah – the previous post is water under the bridge already 🙂 )

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