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Month in review – Aug

Up’ed it a little in Aug with a few long ones. Here is the DM snag


Type Title Dis (km) Dur Pace Calories Felt
8/20/2011 Running Long run! 25 2:53 6:55 2562 good
8/18/2011 Running Dimensions – BnB – Dimensions 12.3 1:18 6:20 1155 good
8/15/2011 Running Independence day run 27.6 3:20 7:14 2962 tired
8/13/2011 Cycling Easy ride 25 1:30 16.7km/h 1165 good
8/11/2011 Running Missing a few gears 12.6 1:22 6:30 1214 good
8/4/2011 Running Thursday LSD 12.4 1:23 6:41 1229 great
7/31/2011 Running Home – Classic – Home 30.6 3:30 6:51 3111 tired
7/26/2011 Running Long run from home 27.02 3:08 6:57 2785 tired


Running Thursday – but not quite a LSD 12.2 1:14 6:03 1096 great

Hmmm.. Looking at that – I actually expected more. Just 8 runs and 1 easy bike ride. I guess there were a couple of Wednesday w.o’s at Krishna’s as well. But, it’s been a decent month – the number of runs have been less, but the runs have been long and nice (=> 4 runs of 25k and above).

The significant points out of the month were:

  • The bloody cliff comes up way too fast. It’s been consistently coming around the 25k mark and I rapidly go downhill from there. But good news is that I know it’s coming, and when it is coming – and so I can work towards pushing that away.
  • Finally, made up my mind and signed up with the Quad. :-). If not anything else, my weekly plan and schedule until Dec 1st week is decided – 2 runs (one long) + 2 bootcamp sessions per week. Ok, added 1 party. Call that the well-earned-recovery-party.
  • Talking of recovery – there is now a recovery template which seems to work reasonably well if followed properly ==  No stretching – Eat immediately – Shower – Stick work – Sleep 1 hour with legs up => in that order within 2 hours! Then, a little more stick and then stretch => Then, I’ll be sore, but functionality would be restored! 🙂
  • Preeti is super. Contrary to what she is saying – if I stick with her somehow right through the training, Mumbai will be a breeze. :-). She can get through a rockface – what wall?
    Plans are set. Waiting is over. Run season starts. Hyderabad comes up first this weekend.

Just need to keep the muscles, bones, tissues, ligaments and joints all working. Commoniya!

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  1. Anonymous
    August 23, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    keep it up, maintain ur own pace & don’t compare or compete with others!

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