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Rest, Sprints, Strength training, Recovering..

So, what’s been happening in the last 1 month..


For one, there was a big break – over a week and close to 10 days – because I was away in Delhi for Mekha’s wedding. That break was good, even though I added a few kilos more during that time. Typically, while training, everyone (at least I do) carries some niggle, some soreness, some ache almost everyday. Most of the time, it is not painful enough to stop, but you always know that there is some kind of soreness somewhere. For me – the knee is most often, my back creaks, quads ache and in general, I would feel stiff. But, while in Delhi, I felt as if the pains reduced and by the time I was back, there was no pain anywhere. It is clear that a layoff, maybe once (for a period of over a week) in about 2 months may be really useful to recover and recharge. Just that, piling on tonnes of food during that layoff might just be just that little bit counterproductive 🙂


Sprints are awesome. Sprints kill.

Thanks to Raj Ganpath for prescribing the program to Krishna, and Krishna for calling us (Senthil and me). Last week (July 16), we went to his house and after a strenuous warm-up (feels odd to call the warm-up as ‘strenuous’, but it was just that), we did a 12x100m sprint session. It was very fast by my standards, though in general, it might be considered quite slow => the initial 100 mts sprints were done in ~20 secs each, while the time drifted to about 25 secs for the last 5-6 sprints.

Anyway, it killed me. It was a saturday when we did it, and I even had hopes doing a long run that Sunday. Instead I had a party on Saturday night and woke up at 9 am on Sunday – but I am so thankful that I had the party because there was no bloody way that I could have run long on Sunday. My quads killed me through Sat-Sun-Mon and felt the pain even on Tuesday which was when I ran next. It was the “nice kind of pain” – and I certainly felt the run on Tuesday to be much easier and stronger.

No doubt sprints kill and they are also seriously good for developing strong muscles and help the long runs. I have just done 1, but need to do these again.

Strength training

I haven’t been as consistent on this and I have changed my routine as well. I no longer use weights and my workouts are a lot shorter nowadays.

Typically, when I go to Sterling club gym (and sometimes I wonder why I go, because I don’t use any equipment there), my *routine* is – squats, lunges, bridges, good mornings, overhead press (ok, I use dumbbells here) and that’s it – done.

The squats and lunges are supported => I actually hold on to a couple of bars when I do them to make sure my form is ok. I am unable to do *proper* full squats and lunges if I do not hold on to something. Earlier, I used to get irritated that I am unable to get them right, but now, I’ve reconciled. I am alright with doing these – because my runs the next day seem to be better this way. 🙂


Trying out different things and learning to recover now the right way

  • Stretches help and I need to do more of these
  • Some food as soon as possible after a workout/ run seems to work
  • Ice certainly helps
  • The Stick really helps also for sore quads
  • Finally – a day off. Working out alternate days is probably the best thing to do.
  • Conversely, working out/ running on consecutive days seems to be counterproductive

Basically, those are the notes from July –

+ a big break

– no long runs (nothing more than a half),

+ some strength sessions

– lots of food

+ no injuries (thankfully)

– Weight gained

+ 1 good sprint session

More +s than –s and net-net a decent month.

Running season starts from Aug. Commoniya!

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  1. July 26, 2011 at 4:54 am

    why have you hidden your blog from me all these days? lot of catching up to do now! from work, that too. 🙂

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