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Reading, Myth-busting, some weights and an awesome run

The net is filled with contradictions when it comes to heath and fitness. Not just small differences, but entire and complete changes in philosophy.

I always knew that the bodybuilding and strength training community doesn’t care much for cardio, and the running folks think that running is best thing that ever happened. That was alright. Acceptable.

But, I had always thought that there was agreement in some areas, especially in nutrition – what to eat, when to eat, what not to eat, when not to eat, quantity, frequency etc. I thought there was also one voice when it came to what kind of strength training to do (you know, there are machines for specific muscles and there is typically a routine).


Spent a lot of time over the weekend going through some sites which pretty much debunked and shattered several of these myths. Started off with http://arvindashok.com/ (*recommend*) and then moved to http://rajganpath.com/ (*recommend*) which then links to

http://eatrealfood.in/ => says good stuff, but the surprising bit here is the big NO to grain and wheat (rotis, bread etc), NO to cereals, a big NO to lentils and beans, a YES to rice.. and it goes on. What hit me -  I thought beans were good, but this says no. Hell, I live on that stuff – sundal, rajma, peas, beans, sprouts, carrots etc.

–> Basically, it says eat what I don’t eat and asks to avoid what I typically eat.

Then Raj also links to http://www.leangains.com/ who totally blasts a few myths:

Myths shattered include:

Heck, read the whole thing. Longish article – but skim through and read the myths alone if you want:


–> Basically, from a daily habit point of view, it asks me to flip around most of what I have been doing

Once I digested that, moved back to Raj Ganpath, who makes a superb listing of the *must-do* workouts => Well, that blog entry is titled -  What are the most important exercises- 🙂

Not only does he list his top 5, but gets the listing done from some top names.

And, guess what – these are not unfamiliar. Just couple of weeks back, I had read and tried to follow some of these and then gave up almost immediately when it started hurting.

    What’s the big deal? – Well, the big deal is that there are no machines and no isolation exercises. None. Not one. No Leg press, no leg extensions, no ham-curls, no calf raises, no lat pulls..
    –> Basically, none of what I do and all of what I don’t.

Final straw – Running – The Reality

Done with reading. But couldn’t get it out of my head.

So, on Tuesday (June 21), all that reading over the weekend got me to the good old sterling club gym to do what I had been avoiding all along – full squats, deadlifts, lunges, benchpress + those I had been doing a little anyway – plank and bridges.

Since I was doing all of these for the 1st time, I avoided weights and simply used only the bar just to get the posture right (which I don’t know if I did – but at least there was no “bad” pain). Didn’t touch the machines and the whole thing was done in around 40 mins. Done and it felt good. 🙂

There was this nice kind of soreness all through Tuesday and a little bit of Wednesday, but here comes the best part –

Headed out for a run with the usual jingbang on the usual Thursday run from Dimensions to Besent Nagar beach and back. On a 5:1 R:W, with Ridhima, Kiran on the way up, Rahul on the way down – did a nice 12.2 kms in 1:14. Just over a 6 mins/ km pace – but it was super. Really enjoyed it. Felt really good.

[By the way, made a little bit of an ass of my self – was narrating the incident where Rahul had his Garmin on during a flight and he could see it tracking the speed in some 700+ km/hour! Except that I said he did that “deliberately” and the next sentence was that he “forgot” to turn it off. Duh.]

Anyway, during the run, I asked Ridhima if it made a difference when she runs after a leg workout session and she agreed that it did.

Heard that Raj is heading back to Madras for good and is going to set up his fitness consulting shop. Really likes what he writes and certainly possible that he might have a client waiting.

But, I wonder what next. Don’t drink water, maybe?

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  1. saro
    June 23, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    drinking 3 cuppas water early morning is supposed to be good[on empty stomach] but u cant catch me doing that! do break that myth too!

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