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Yasso 800s

The Yasso 800s are fascinating because it can ~ predict your marathon time – but that’s when you run 10 of those and take the time for the 10th 800 mts.

But, always wanted to do it and so when Preeti sms’ed yesterday, I was all game for it.

While walking around yesterday, I did some mental calculation on what speed I must maintain through the 1st lap (400 mts) and then the 2nd. Considering that I am aiming for a 4:45 mins per 800 mts, the run speeds required weren’t too fast. 

Was there at AU this morning and after a decent warm up set out for the 1st 800. Preeti was taking a wider, outside track and so running faster and longer, while I hugged the insides. I think 1st 800 was done pretty fast (in about 4:20 or something) and that surprised us. Not bad.

Walked – Jogged a bit – cooled down and went again. Round 2. Again, wasn’t too bad, and around the same time. Round 3 kicked us a bit and we had to slow down – but still made it comfortably within the 4:45 target.

Then, we took a decent breather. Drank some water, cooled down a little and switched directions.

It’s incredible how we are automatically tuned to running anti-clockwise in the track (or for that matter, even in the park behind our house) => everyone automatically walk/ run anti-clockwise. Preeti says that we even turn our bikes towards the left automatically.

Anyway, we changed direction and ran clockwise for the next (and final) 3 rounds.

Round 4 was decent = didn’t take it too hard, but didn’t slouch either. Debated whether we should do 5 or 6 rounds; and then if we should give it all on the 5th and take it easy on the 6th or vice versa. Decided to do the other way, and so Round 5 was done comfortable fast (if there was ever such thing). The time might have been around the 4:40 range.

Cooled down and took on Round 6 as best as I could. I think we did that in under 4:10, and it was good. 🙂

Totally 800 fast * 6 + 400 recovery walk/jog * 6 = 7.2 kms in 46 mins.

Now, 4 hours later – I am feeling the effects of that! A niggle here and a strain there, but I hope it all goes away 🙂

This is one workout that I want to keep in the routine each week.

[Btw, I came back and saw Ramesh Seshadri’s 5k time when I was entering this in DM – 5k in 23 mins, at a 4:37 per kilometer pace – that was faster than my target for 800 mts!!. Wow. Seriously.]

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  1. saro
    June 10, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    could u pl enlighten morons like me as to what this yasso 800 is all about?? all the best to keep up with ur weekly routine!!

  2. karthikpadmanabhan
    June 14, 2011 at 3:42 am

    Yasso 800s – Run 800 Meters *fast*, and then cool down (for around the same time taken to run) by walking or running very slowly. Repeat this cycle 10 times. On the 10th time, take a look at the time that you did the 800 mts. The astonishing point is – whatever time that you did in Mins:Secs = the time predicted for you to finish the marathon in Hours:Mins.

    This time, Preeti and I were doing 800 meters in approx 4:20 (4 mins and 20 secs) – But we did only 6 x 800 meters. We expect that if we keep training and when we are able to do 10 x 800 meters, the time would slow down to about 4:45 or 4:50 or so for the last 800 meters = which would indicate the time when we could finish the marathon (approx 4 hours and 50 mins) – and I would be delighted with that if I can.

    Routine – Such a thing does not exist for a husband/ father. I’ll keep hoping though.

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