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Weight training

My holiday was from May 5-9 and got back home on 9th evening.

My training started on 10th at Sterling Club.

May 11-17 I went to FitnessOne at Shenoy Nagar (thanks to Prasad) and alternated between lower and upper body weights. There was just a break of 1 day (on Sunday). I particularly remember I day when i over-cooked it and it was aching (but the nice sort of pain) all over for 2 days.

My typical lower body workout would comprise of:

  • A small warm-up – some small stretches and typically a 1k slow run
  • Start off with Half-squats with the ball support for the back, and would carry dumbells’
  • Lunges – initially, I was supporting myself, but now can do without the support
  • Leg press – hate that rickety machine at Sterling club; but will have to manage with that
  • Glute exercises: Bridges – static and dynamic, Side leg lifts and Clam; Some days I would also do the Bird-dog – if I remember
  • Then back to quads – extensions, but bad machine again with no back support and it would ache – I hate that
  • Same machine for the ham-curls. Again back would pain a little
  • Calf raises
    The upper body was no big deal, but it is on those days that I tried to work the back a bit.

Typically, I would do at least 2 days of each (upper and lower) in a week

As usual, started browsing and looking up on various workouts to build strength. Discovered several sites and as usual there were a lot of differing, sometimes contradictory, advice and so on.

Of course, YouTube was a huge source where one could actually see and then I could replicate it. But there is a lot of junk in that as well and it is quite difficult to filter out the good stuff from the trash.

I stumbled on Arvind Ashok’s blog – http://arvindashok.com/ – He seems to be writing a lot of sense.

www.Stronglifts.com – An awesome site – but one which totally swears by the Big 5 – Full Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Barbell rows and over head press. They in fact put all of them on their beginner program!! http://stronglifts.com/stronglifts-5×5-beginner-strength-training-program/

They also place a massive emphasis on posture and doing it right.

And then I started running as well and felt good about it too.





Distance (km)





Gandhi Vanakkam +






Classic +






Thursday LSD












The typical Thursday run




All of them were on a 4:1 Run:Walk. The pace wasn’t great but it felt better. Touch wood.

My net research continued, but StrongLifts continued to have an influence on me and so started incorporating more of full squats (StrongLifts actually say that Half-squats are bad), adding more weight on on the rest and so on.

That’s probably when I over-did it and then my body started creaking as usual. My back started aching once in a while and so did my knees. It was not the ITB kind of knee pain (which occurs in the sides of the knee), but the bad joint pain that happens bang on the middle of knee.

I had been through that before – and so I had the back-support belt and the knee support sheath handy.

Knee pain – would subside only to come again once I did more of the Full squats and lunges.

Backpain – would also subside and come again if I did the leg press and ham curls with heavier weights.

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  1. saro
    June 4, 2011 at 11:01 am

    strong lifts, half squats, ham curls hmmm no idea what all this is, but do take care not to overdo & get ur pain back agai!

  2. saro
    June 4, 2011 at 11:09 am

    didnt think u had enough time to visit all these sites!!

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