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Getting better, gaining hope and getting frustrated

The last couple of weeks has been good and bad from a running and exercise point of view. The Sterling club workouts and the running has reasonably good.

Here is a snag from Dailymile report which I think is missing a bar on Mar 7 or 8 for 2-3k which I must have forgotten to enter.


Those small ones (4k, 3ks) indicates time spent on the gym – and these are mainly elliptical workouts done before either a lower or an upper body strength session => The long ones are pure runs, the short ones are strength sessions camouflaged as easy ones but helps me to track and be consistent.

I think I stretch on most days regardless of whether I ran or worked out. No major ones, but I do stretch.

The running hasn’t been too bad either. There was a scorcher of a run on Mar 5, running a half on a 5:1 and getting it done in 2:06! That was fantastic. The next week (Mar 12) half was also on a 5:1 and got that done in 2:12 – both thanks to Senthil. The 10ks (there are 3 of them there) were all done at an even 6:00 pace or thereabouts.

*That* pain (the ITB one) has stayed out, though I had been racking all over in other places. :-). Quads ache the most, a little on the hams and hips, sometimes the feet – BUT the knee was fine.

So, what the f*ck am I complaining about?

1) I believe that one of the main reasons as to why the ITB related pain stayed out, and the places are aching all over is because I changed my running style completely. I try and try hard to ensure a quick foot turnover and trying to keep my strides per minute as high as possible (aim is to get to 90, but I at least do around 86; It used to be 78-80 earlier). Wherever I read, it is always advised to do exactly that – keep that stride rate as high as possible. It is equally logical that since I am using a different style of running, I am recruiting different muscles than what I am used to and hence they are aching.

Problem: I do not like this way of running. I don’t feel comfortable. This does not come naturally to me. This feels forced and am counting steps, trying *hard*, probably too hard, to maintain a high stride rate and I just don’t like it. I don’t enjoy the runs; I don’t follow the conversation too much; I don’t look around – am just focusing on getting that Mickey Mouse action – a twitchy way of running which is irritating.

So, basically – Yeah, the new style is nice from a ITB pain point of view – but the fun is gone. I don’t like this way of running.

2) The pain came back this morning! It was getting better and better and I had even begun to hope that it was almost healed. But, just for a brief while this morning, I forgot about that high-cadence action and started running like how I used to – and bang! the pain was back. I hated it. It’s been there since early Dec and I think I’ve done my part.

Now, I feel like giving up.  Why not try something else for a change?

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