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Classic after a long time!

January 30, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

It felt really good today to get to AU and run the classic. Thankfully, I wasn’t holding anyone up when we set off. I was on a 4:1 R:W and a runner named Murali decided to join me.

It was quite funny because we hardly spoke. We just ran along slowly – sometimes, he would pull me when I slacked and sometimes I would, but apart from that there was nothing else. Hardly any conversation, but still there was company. I liked it – it certainly did not feel like running alone and yet there was no real talk at all.

The knee pain did come by at the 5k mark as expected, but it wasn’t too bad. I was able to keep going and while the pain stayed, it did not aggravate as it usually did before. That was encouraging. I briefly considered going via Gandhi Nagar for a 10k, but thankfully took the decision to go with the Classic route.

Finished 16k in 1:46 at a serene 9k/ hour, but certainly very happy to have finished it.

Almost everyone else were doing at least a half and so got some pictures clicked.

Here – Shameek and Ramesh finishing up the last few kms inside AU to get to the 21.1. mark:


I got to the canteen and was stretching out when the other runners finished, changed and walked in. Here we have Senthilanand, Rahul and Ram – all of them finished the half in under 2 hours.


Murali and Mahesh – comparatively new to the gang, but super runners nevertheless. I ran with Murali today.


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