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Strides of Hope

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This weekend was all about Strides of Hope, an initiative by Santosh Padmanabhan raising support for Asha.

He had mailed Chennai Runners and asked if we would support it. I had taken that up and had mailed the group to fill in a google spreadsheet with whenever and whatever they wanted to do. The response was unbelievable.

While Santosh ran a mammoth 231 kms in 48 hours (from 1700 hours on Friday, Jan 21 to 1700 hours on Sat, Jan 23) – a feat beyond the realms of belief – the Chennai Runners were fantastic as well. We had opted for a 24 hour relay run with someone or the other running at all times. Most people went way beyond that, and here are some of my picks for some stupendous achievements in the last couple of days:

  • Anandaselvan – 177.6 kms in 12.06 hours, from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sunday. No words. Just stand-up and <clap, clap, clap..>
  • Shahid – 2 runs: 19.5 kms (2 am to 4 am) + 15.04 kms (noon to 2 pm) – he picked the *toughest* slots available
  • Ramani sir (with Shahid, 19.5 from 2-4) – he is on a roll nowadays!
  • Venu – what do you say about this silver-haired man who just keeps going on and on. He did 3 runs totaling 70 kms!
    • Sat 22/1 – Ran 17kms for 2hrs 11min
    • Sun 23/1 – Ran 43 kms for 5hrs 46min
    • Sun 23/1 – Waked ~10kms for 2hrs 10min
  • Senthil and Ramesh – 27k in 3:00 at AU, from 9pm to 12 midnight
  • Ashok also went on multiple runs
    • Took the 1 – 2 am tough slot- 8.5k
    • and then went out again, but this time at 4:30 am – very commendably motivating 17 other people from his apartment to join him
  • Thavavigna – 32k in 4:40 – 6 pm to 11 – Can you believe if I said he ran 32 kms just by going around and around Somasundaram ground!
  • Ramkumar and Usharani – 5 am to 10 am – 2 silent achievers who just went out and did it
  • Ravikumar – 5 to 9 am – 34 kms – another solo performance in totally different part of the city. A rocking run

There were plenty more, but these I can remember offhand.


Ok, now, what did I do:

On Saturday evening, I went to Dimensions with the intention of walking or run-walking a few kms and kicking off the SoH run. Hari was doing his first run in several months and it was so good to join him. I met Ram who was on his way to Dimensions for a gym workout. He can never resist a run and so joined us. 🙂

He pulled us along and finally it turned out to be a good 10k run through Boat club and Kotturpuram! Hari was too good to run with that leg! He, though, stopped after 5k when he started developing a bad limp.  For me,there was only a small tinge of pain that came around the 5k mark stayed, but was great to do the run. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible and wouldn’t even have attempted it. Thanks to Ram! He made my day, and the fact that it was for SoH made it all the more better. 🙂

Then, on Sunday, slept soundly and Cycled to AU, met Balaji and Vilwa. Collected the SoH certificates. Had a senthil-style triple course breakfast and biked back. Easy morning. 🙂

Decent weekend. The SoH was fantastic, but for me personally, from a training point of view – the 10k was great, but otherwise, ate too much and ended up compromising the weekend overall.

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