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Oct 17, 2010 – Sunday: A long run – fastest half but also killed me

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Woke up relatively a little early this morning, given that it was Sunday and went for breakfast by 7ish. The plan for the day was to do a longish run and then go sightseeing. There were 2 main attractions still pending: 1 was the English garden with the Chinese Tower, and the other was the Olympic tower and stadium which is a little far away and would need me to take the Metro.

Set off for my run by around 9:00 or so. It was drizzling and the weather was around 5-6 Dec C – quite nice to run in actually. Got to the park quite quickly – it is just 2 kms away. What a lovely place. It is seriously beautiful. It is almost like a forest with running paths through it. Almost all of a sudden, you would get a large lawn clearing or a massive lake or this big Chinese tower – so filled with great sights and running paths. But it is a maze and I got totally lost inside that :-). Paths just fork off and join and then lead off somewhere else. I was running randomly and was not even sure, sometimes, if I had run on the same path or not. Towards the end, I was totally lost and got to the same place twice or thrice. I wasn’t sure how big or extensive this park was. Now, looking at the map I see that I have done just 1 part of the garden and the bigger piece is on the other side of the road. :-). But doesn’t matter – English Garden – tick. Chinese tower – tick. 

Back to the run. I was running a decent 10k/ hr pace when I tagged along another runner at around 7 or 8 km range and she (it had to be a she, right?) pushed the pace and pulled me along. We spoke for a bit, but as usual, I couldn’t speak at that pace and was just running alongside her for the next 5-6 kms. By the time she stopped, I had done close to 16k in 1:30 – easily, this bit was the fastest and totally enjoyed it. Also, this set me up nicely for the half and I started having ambitions of doing a sub-2. I gave it all and I finished 21.2 in 1:58 and some change. Yay. I was feeling so good.

I should have stopped right there :-). That would have been perfect.

But I kept going along on a very slow R:W which actually killed me. It was tiring, painful and not that enjoyable. I was spent and now was trying to get out of the park. The same random paths which were so nice just earlier were becoming frustrating because I was getting back to the place and had no clue which way to go. Anyway, finally figured the way out and ran-walked (more walked actually) back to the hotel. The last 9k took me 1:05 and finally I finished with a 30k in 3:03

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/53287469 – Check that link out of the random paths inside the English garden. I also hit ‘lap’ at exactly 2:00 hours, and if you look at the chart, the last one hour is a ragged mess which is exactly how my run was.

My legs just killed me after that. The half was fantastic, and the 30k doesn’t look too bad either. But, just that I can’t walk now. I wanted to go to the Olympic stadium in the afternoon. 🙂 That plan got abandoned. I got back to the room, ate and slept for 2 hours. 🙂

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  1. Dwarak
    October 17, 2010 at 7:32 pm

    Under 2:00. awesome!

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