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Sept 12, 2010 – Sunday: Back running after a break

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Been a while since I did any kind of workout, not just running. So, motivation to get up this morning and go was not a problem. I certainly was looking forward to it, though there was an element of trepidation about how I would feel and if the calf niggle would surface again.

I thought I would be the first at AU when I landed there at 4:45, but Shankar, not only did he arrive much earlier, but had even started off at 4:00 and finished ~9k even before the Classic started. He has registered for Chicago and while still waiting with bated breath about his US visa is preparing hard for the 10-10-10 event.

Good crowd in – Ram, Shankar, Kalyan, Venkat, Bharghav, Saravanan, Vilwa, Ramesh Sesh, Senthil and moi.

It is so eventful nowadays with lots of stuff happening: Shankar’s preparing for Chicago; Ramesh, Senthil and couple of others are tapering down for KTM next week (that’ll be Senthil’s maiden one and I’m sure he’ll rock it); today is Ramesh’s last day in his 10×10; was starting his 10×10 today; Ram is planning to do 3 Marathons in 3 consecutive weekends!; and the ECR 12 is fast approaching.

Anyway, Senthil, Ramesh, Bharghav and I teamed up and did a 4:1. I came up with this super romantic idea about how we can prepare for a race which could be dedicated to our wives and then “gift” the finishers medal to them (i.e.)  the medal would be a great gift since we put our sweat and toil into it. :-). Man, did I get ragged silly! I was laughed off my shoes. It became the joke of the run – and after. 🙂

The run was good fun and though I was aching in odd places, the calf thankfully did not contribute to the pain. Finished the Classic and did 16.5k in 1:50.

Shahid, VPS, Ramani joined for breakfast and we discussed about the ECR 12 organization and the challenges involved. Lots of work to be done for that still.

Anyway, Ramani just sent a photo that he clicked just before breakfast to mark Ramesh’s 10×10 finish and <I_forgot_his_name>’s start. Here it is:

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