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Aug 22, 2010 – Sunday: Long run + Terry Fox run

Long run

Very nice long run – with [Bharani & Senthil] throughout and [Ramesh & Yash] for part of the distance. Started from AU at ~4:40 and got on to a nice and steady 5:1 R:W right through. Slow to start with actually: It took 1:10 for 10k, ducked into IIT when we had done about 17k, got to the 21.1 mark at 2:20 and kept going inside IIT till we clocked exactly 25k. Joined by a lot of Terry Fox runners for the last 2-3 kms. The run was really good, but still got tired towards the end. This is a worry. The conditions were perfect (slow and steady run-walk, good company, totally flat roads, started at 4:30 and so no complaints on the heat, rested well before this..) but still got tired towards the end. Certainly need to improve.

25k in 2:47.


Terry Fox run

There was a break of about 45 minutes in between the long run and the start of the Terry Fox run. The atmosphere in the IIT Open air theatre was great and met a number of Chennai runners.

Didn’t stretch or anything and when the run started, I, to my shock, discovered that I just couldn’t run. My legs were like lead. Whoa – it was lousy. I tried to hang on to Ramani sir – but just gave up after about 15 mins (~2.5k). I couldn’t run. I walked for a while after that and then slowly started again on a 1:1 R:W :-). To my surprise, I actually caught Bharani towards the end who underwent exactly the same pains. :-). Both of us finished it slowly and so I guess we have exactly the same time for the combined 31k. Otherwise, the whole run was reasonably well organized – probably the lush trees of IIT had a lot to do with it.

6.1k in 0:43

I clicked a few pictures of this event which I’ll try to upload later on.

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