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Aug 3, 2010 – Tuesday: The New Gandhi Vanakkam

Ram kicked my butt this morning.

The Gandhi Vanakkam run keeps getting longer and longer :-). Here is a look back into the Tuesday runs and how they’ve evolved. 🙂

It originally was the easy 6k which ran through Kasturi Rangan road, turn around at Nilgiris and run back.

That had the variation of adding the flyover-repeats after this 6k out-and-back.

Then, the whole run stretched all the way to Marina and acquired the name Gandhi Vanakkam.

Then, just to pull it to a 10k+, the Poes Garden loop was added. That was Ram doing a Ram.

Now, the run has got even longer. We say hello to Dy CM by going through Chitaranjan road, hit and run along Mount Road to get to Cathedral road before we get to the original route. Surprisingly, it didn’t add much. Now, the run distance is about 11.15k. Once again, Ram’s handywork.

Ram is on his 6th day of his 2nd 10×10. Day-before-yesterday, he did a 31k. Obviously, that did not deter him from doing his 5th 10k yesterday. He set the expectations by saying that he would go slow today when we started off. I had forgotten my Garmin watch and so I was fine with just sticking to him right through.

He, then, proceeded to kick my butt. He started off on a scorching pace. I reckoned that he was just on his customary starting screamer and would cut back. He just kept that pace and kept going. I was always half a step or so behind playing catch up.

We got to the beach and I was gone! Normally, we would take a quick breather at the beach and I needed that desperately. So, I slowed, walked, got the bottle out to drink – but damn! Ram just kept running. He went around Gandhiji, crossed the road and he was off.

My jaw dropped, but I didn’t have an option but to run behind. But, I did grab a much needed 30 sec break at that time. Thankfully, Ram slowed to a crawl to allow me to catch up.

Same thing happened at the top of the RA Puram flyover. I was exhausted and running ragged – and just had to walk and get my breath back. But not Ram. He went on and we finally finished 11.12k in 1:06. Awesome run.

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