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Aug 1, 2010 – Sunday: What a run!

So, lets get this out up front: It was a Fantastic run! and great fun!

The plan to run from Dimensions to Fisherman’s Cove, ~31+ kms, was, to be honest, a tad ambitious and that too stemmed from a casual conversation after a AU classic. But, the enthusiasm and  numbers just swelled and finally we had 9 runners this morning making the long run: Shankar, Ram, Ramesh Seshadri, Senthil Anand, Vilwa, Yash, Gauthama and I started from Dimensions; Ramesh Raghavan joined in from Thiruvanmiyur. Shahid – missed you on this one.

A massive thanks to Shankar who bought along a Tata Sumo manned by his nephew and his son. That was our support vehicle – The boot, pretty much looked like a runners department store and had everything that one can think of: Gatorade, water, bananas, nutribars, gels and even the stick rollers. They tirelessly drove up and down the road supporting the runners. We owe our fun and enjoyment just to these guys.

Ok, back to the run story. Started off at 4:30, and decided that we’ll take the OMR route and join ECR through the Sholinganalur connect. I think we forgot to tell the fast quartet, Ram, Ramesh, Senthil and Vilwa, that it was a 30k run. They bolted off as soon as somebody said ‘lets go’ and soon disappeared. I gamely tried to follow them on a 4:1 R:W, but all I could do was to watch them become a speck and then they were gone.

So, that patch – from the start to somewhere close to midpoint was a bit of a solo Run-walk for me. Hardly felt the run till Tidel. Beyond Tidel, through the OMR stretch was a little bit scary – treacherous assassins driving at you, pits on the roadsides and all that dogs want to do that time is to prosecute trespassers on their land.

Shankar, Yash and Gauthama were the fun troika who totally chilled out and laughed their way through the run. They looked the freshest of the lot during breakfast at least.

I caught up with the quartet at the Sholinganalur OMR-ECR connect when Senthil had to take a slight off-road excursion which, ahem!, I am sure he does not want me to delve into much. Our able support vehicle fed us well once again, but they probably added some steroids into Senthil’s drink – who just up’ed the ante, and then raised the bar and then moved to a different league altogether. We met him next at Fish Cove. He finished the 31.5k in 3:15.

Vilwa and I paired up.  I pulled him down to a R:W and made him crawl at my pace and finished next. Ram, Ramesh and Ramesh came in shortly after. Shankar had, by that time, done his half-marathon (*on his 8th day of his 10×10*) taken over the support duties from his nephew and drove up and down the ECR to make sure all were attended to. The relaxed runners, Yash and Gauthama, sauntered in while we were tucking into our breakfast.

Great run, but the fun was now. :-). A bunch of stinking, bedraggled runners sprawled out in the lawn, right in front of a plush 5 star hotel lobby, cracking jokes on old-age and grey hair – it sure was some sight! We then messed up the restroom under the pretext of cleaning ourselves before we headed out for the Fish Cove buffet breakfast.

We ate, and we ate and we ate. [Ah! Now, I get it.] We were there for such a long time that this hotel manager came up to us and requested us to leave, under the pretext that there were other guests waiting for tables. But, when I reflect, I think it was just a fear that we might finish up the entire food out there.

Then, 11 of us, fully fed, crammed into Shankar’s Sumo and made the trip back. More jokes, more fun. It was ~11:15 when we got back to Dimensions and went on our ways. Awesome experience. Thanks folks. Loved it.

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  1. August 2, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    That sounds like a fantastic run! You guys are all awesome.

    • karthikpadmanabhan
      August 3, 2010 at 3:02 am

      🙂 Thanks. All of us loved this one. But we skipped the Anna Univ Sunday Classic for this. The guys who did that had Anu Hassan and her trainers for company. We missed that!;-)

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