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July 31, 2010 – Saturday: A slow run with Kiruba at Anna Nagar

Run was at Anna Nagar today – with Shankar, Venu, Sudhir, Rajamanickam and Kiruba.

I had a short conversation with Kiruba yesterday. Landed up with plenty of stuff to do from a 10 min call – got to start rowing again, cycling, get Chennai Runners active on social media and chip in on getting M&B started again. But, finally, we agreed to meet up and run this morning at Anna Nagar.

So, I was there at around 5:05 with a great view into the Ayyappan koil as I passed by. Kiruba and Shanker were already there.

The run was awesome for many reasons:

Shankar was on his 7th day, Venu on his 9th, Sudhir on his 6th (I think) – so super.

Then, met Kirupa after 7 years. Last we met was during the M&B regatta – so it was good to meet him and exchange some good ideas.

The run itself was fantastic. Anna Nagar seems to be a great place to run – wide roads, shady avenues, plenty of trees, relatively clean, lots of loops and options. Really nice. Took it easy with a nice, slow run and towards the end, we were just walking and talking. Very pleasant.

Went into the Tower Park and it took me by surprise. This is easily Madras’ best park. Great facilities. Looks awesome. Take a look:

Kiruba and the Tower:

310720101885 310720101884


There are 2 auditoriums:

310720101887 310720101886


Skating rink and a kids play area

310720101889 310720101888


Specific earmarked place for Yoga, and a nice big pond

310720101891 310720101890


Views of the pond and the tower from the other side:

310720101893 310720101892


So, basically, the Anna Nagar Tower Park has been fully renovated and it looks gorgeous now. We’ve got to give credit to the mayor, Mr Subramanian, for having got this done.

Finally, went to the nearby Saravana Bhavan and had a nice breakfast.

So, net- net – great morning. Run/ walk stats: 6.1k in 52 minutes. 🙂

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