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July 28, 2010 – Wednesday: Chetpet 10k

Nice and easy 10k at a steady pace. It was fun running with Shankar, Venu (It was great to meet him 🙂 ), Sudhir, VPS, Shahid and Siva. Felt good, light and relaxed.

Shankar wrote a longish run report and so I’ll steal his this time:

Today’s was a special day for me as three of the CR’s currently doing 10×10 ran together along with prospects of future 10×10.
1.Venu – Ran his 6th Day of 10×10 and he surprised us all by being present at the start point.
2.Sudhir – Ran his 3rd Day of 10×10
3.SLMP – Ran my 4th Day of 10×10
4.Karthik – Who has already completed his 10×10 and right candidate for a second set of 10×10 !!! Karthik lets do it together after I finish my first.
5.Shahid – Strong Prospect for 10×10
6.Senthil VP – Double Strong Prospect of 10×10

We started the run at 5:30ish and the climate was very pleasant due to the previous day’s rain except a bit humid. Karthik and Shahid led us through the Nungambakkam and this area is totally taken over by Schools.. (During the run I saw around 10+ Schools + couple of Colleges). The run was at very steady non-stop pace and felt very good after the run. Then we went into the MCC School for stretching and photo shoot. Thanks all for the company and support.


Stats: 10k exactly in 1:09

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