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July 20, 2010 – Tuesday: —- S l o w —-

It was a nice, slow, chatty run this morning.

Runners: Shankar, Senthil (on his 8th day), Yash (on his 3rd day) and me (on my 9th day). Met Tiger just before we started, but he had planned to meet Venkat Rangan later and run. Later, at the finish, met Venkat and Sushil.

Weather: Brilliant. There was a very mild drizzle which was beautiful. The rain cleans up the air from all the dust and pollution and city was looking clean. The temperature, thanks again to the rain, was great as well.

The run: Easy, slow and relaxed. We never felt it thanks to all the chatter. The group stuck together and bounced quiz questions and trivia info to each other. Among a few daft ones (such as about the infamous Safire-Blue Diamond theatres) was this nugget courtesy Yash: Do you know that the fences in the US Consulate and neighboring buildings are made of spears confiscated from Tipu Sultans army! Took a few breaks and totally enjoyed ourselves this morning.

Stats: 10.2k in 1:13

Finish: The finish time tale belonged to Venkat who reprised his near-death experience that happened a few months back when his flight engine blew and it almost crashed.

Net-net: It was awesome today!

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  1. July 20, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    Oh wow! Sounds so fun 🙂
    No wonder you are addicted !

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