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July 19, 2010 – Monday: Looking good

Day 8 of the 10×10

I got to admit that I signed up for the 10×10 without having put too much thought into it and what it entails. The first few days were alright, but there was a couple of days in the middle, especially with the back ache and everything where I Deepu gave this “I thought so” look and surprisingly my mind seemed to be agreeing with her. 🙂

But today gave me a lot of confidence back because I enjoyed the run. It was just the 3 of us – Senthil, Ram (or should I say Viswanathan) and me. Ram as usual set a scorching pace to start and then throttled it back a touch during the Boat club loops to set a nice pace. We kept at a steady 10 km/h almost right through. There was a slightly quicker patch around the 4k mark which gave me a window for a quick break after which we got into AU. AU, after the rains, is almost serene. Great to run in.

We had already done 8k when we exited AU, and finished 10k in the Arch Bishop Mathais road after which Senthil and I started walking. We finished 10k in 59.something minutes. 🙂

We were almost cooling down with a jog when Ram took us around on the “Ram’s loop” – and finished at Dimensions having done 11.8k in 1.11. Really liked this morning’s run.

Senthil bought us a Yoga book which I briefly went through during breakfast. Seems simple and straight forward to use with clear illustrations. Should start on it. Thanks Senthil 🙂

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