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July 18, 2010 – Sunday: A super relaxing ultra slow AU Classic

I kind of cheated on the run report to the group by copy-pasting from DM. I’ll cheat more by copy-pasting from the mail.


The 10×10 relay run rolled on today with Yash taking over. All the best, Yash. I got 3 more to go, and Senthil’s got 4 more.

Fairly thin attendance at AU today – we had Saravanan, Yash and me at 5:15 for the Classic. Senthil and Ramesh had decided last night of running a 10k and so they met at 5:30 (I think). Much later, we spied a very athletic-looking KK just stepping out of IIT.

So, just 6 runners, while most kept away probably because of the rain, but truth be told – the weather was simply awesome today. It was just a mild drizzle throughout and was great for running.

For a change, I am just going to copy-paste snippets from each of these runners Dailymile updates:

Senthil: "Drizzling rain made today’s run a pleasant one. It was me and Ramesh for the 10K and we started bit late. Did 2 5K loops inside AU. Need more pleasant rainy days like this. 6th 10K.

Ramesh: "..turned out to be a pleasant one in mild drizzle. Just followed senthil inside AU campus to have a nice tour of the campus.."

Yash: "Day 1 of 10* 10 project…..The Sunday classic with Karthik…We decided to do a run/walk (4:1) to savor the wonderful weather and the drizzle…Turned out to be one of the best runs of the month ..Both of us were daisy fresh after completing 16 kms and wanted to do another 10k!Need more pleasant rainy days like this.."

Me: "Awesome run today. Ran along with Yash doing an ultraslow 4:1 run-walk. It was very pleasant running in a mild drizzle, and felt really good at the end of it. It was my 7th day and Yash’s 1st on the 10*10 relay."

Ok, while I was going through Dailymile for getting the quotes, I also saw these:

The master, Srinath did a 25k in 2:45!!: "with the droplets of rain continuously falling it made a beautiful setup for a long run. Initially had planned only 15 but decided to cover a minimum of HM. It was very satisfactory with first stoppage after 23KM."

Ashok did a whopping 16.4k in 1:50 and apparently chased a few dogs along the way.


So, net-net did 15.3k in 1:54 at an average speed of 8 km/ hr.

What I also got to add was the update on the back. When I woke up it was horrible and very stiff. I was quite afraid that I was doing a mistake with these runs. But, the run actually helped. It eased me out and it feels better now.

Good breakfast with Senthil, Ramesh and Yash and Sangeetha.

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