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July 14, 2010 – Wednesday: A nice run, but tired out in the end

A decent crowd in today – Shankar, Ram, Senthil, Ramesh, Yash, Venkat and me.

Decided to tag with Ram – and right through the run, he pulled me on while I pulled him back. The route for this run was Dimensions – Greenways road – Malar – Gandhi Nagar – Sardar Patel road – Right into Kotturpuram onto Gandhi Mandapam road – Boat club – Dimensions.

The first 5.5k was very good and did it in good pace. Then took a walk break just when we took the right from Sardar Patel road onto Gandhi Mandapam road. Walked from there all the way to the planetarium. It was a walk of about 3-4 minutes during which the steady duo of Ramesh and Senthil overtook us.

The walk was supposed to help me recover, but instead I completely deflated after that. I just couldn’t get going and I must walked some 5-6 times (for anywhere from 10 secs, 20 secs to 1 minute) in the next 5k. Cardio was fine, but muscles seemed fatigued and that was annoying.

Later Senthil made this remark about how he is more comfortable all-running than the Run-walk.

Now, when I think about it – there are a couple of valid points to think about:

  • My Monday run was a slow 4:1 and I felt really uncomfortable during that never getting into a rhythm
  • Tuesday was an all run 10.4k which was much faster, but I felt good
  • Today, after a longish walk, I didn’t feel good after that
    In my mind, my thought are – may be, even I am getting used to the “all-run” that when I take a longish walk break, probably my body thinks that the run is done and it refused to get going after that. To a lesser extent, may be this happened on Monday as well where I couldn’t get into a run-walk rhythm. Long back, all I used to do was a R:W, almost regardless of the distance, and I was always comfortable.

Anyway, let me not keeping creating theories around this, but I am doing a R:W tomorrow and let me see how that works out. So, this thread is certainly open.

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