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July 13, 2010 – Tuesday: An awesome run with Ram and Senthil

Got 2 sms’ this morning just as I was getting ready to leave – one from Senthil saying that he is skipping the run because it is raining, and another from Ram asking if I would be joining despite the rain.

Well, I was up and the general rule is that if I am up, I got to do something because waking up is so damn tough. 🙂 So, I went, and Senthil joined in too – and it was just the 3 of us on a wet, slightly chilly, fresh morning which was perfect for running. Rain always makes the city look fresh and cleans up the air and dust a little bit. The drizzle stopped as well and so it was great.

The sun was just peeking out when we reached Marina and we ran on the inside road for ~1k before we turned around. Took the Niligiri’s left and came through CIT colony. Ram likes to call this the Thatha-Amma-Appa run because we go through Poes garden (home to Amma), get to the Gandhi Thatha statue at Marina and then go past our present CM (Appa)’s 2nd (ahem!) home at CIT colony before we get to Alwarpet.

Picked up the pace a little bit on the return leg and finished reasonably strong. Totally terrific run – give me these any day over the lousy one that I ran yesterday.

10.4k in exactly 1:00 hours. Couldn’t have timed that run better.

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