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July 9, 2010 – Friday: A LSD which turned fast towards the end

7 of us today – Ram, Shankar, Sushil, Yash, Ramesh, Senthil and moi.

Started off nice and easy on the typical LSD route. All of us were together till about Malar hospital when Senthil, Ramesh and I pushed a little ahead, but the rest were right behind us anyway. It was a nice pace, averaging 10k/h consistently – neither pushing terribly hard nor easing back completely. It was comfortably tough (how is that for an oxymoron?).

Turned around at Velankani, took our 1 minute breather and headed back. Similar or slightly higher pace till we got to Malar, but from the Judges colony onwards, we started increasing our pace gradually and the last 2-3 kms were done with good speed.

Ended up doing 12.5 kms in 1:12.

But, the last bit was very tough. I completely ran out of gas with the finish point in sight – and had to stop ~200 meters before Dimensions.

That was good and bad – Good, because it showed that I maxed out and paced the run nicely (and that’s probably why it ended up being my fastest for the LSD) :-). Bad, because I was kaput by then and couldn’t have run any more. 😦

But, overall, really nice run.

Spent a little bit of time talking with Ram about organizing ECR 12. Planning to use http://doattend.com/ for online registrations. I’m hoping to do my bit.

Just to add the cycling from home to Dimensions and back: 8.6 km in ~30 mins – It was almost an exact break-up both ways: 4.27 in 15:14 + 4.37 in 15:14 🙂

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