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July 6, 2010 – Tuesday: What a mix!

Today had almost everything. But everything was easy and gentle 🙂

Biked slowly to Dimensions. Got there so early that I think the warm-up and stretches were longer than the run itself.

Ran with Tiger, Bharghav and Venkat – over the C P Ramasamy road and Cathedral road flyovers, turned around at Nilgiris and was a nice, relaxed run over all. Did 6.2 kms in 42 minutes.

Was biking back and feeling so good that I wanted to do a tad more. So, I went to Sterling club to do a little bit of weights for the legs. Nothing big to write home about – rather, it was almost a survey of what all can be done there. So, it was just 1 set of half-squats, leg presses, leg raises and ham curls – all using very low weights.

Bike stats: Ride to Dimensions = 4.2 kms in 16:14; Taking the longer ride to Sterling club makes it 5.6 in 19:09 to get back home.

Did some biking, little bit of running and got some weights done too. All done on easy settings, but feeling good nevertheless.

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