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July 5, 2010 – Monday: Core workout at Blue Gym

Yash had offered us the chance to do a core workout at Blue Boutique gym and had fixed the time at 6:00 AM this morning.

Biked there (4.4 kms in ~17 minutes) and found Senthilanand already waiting, and Ramesh joined just as I was getting there. Yash couldn’t make it due to a home exigency, but had already informed the trainers to expect us.

So, after a 1k warm-up in the treadmills, we started the core workout, guided by Shiva. He was good, watching over all 3 of us and correcting our mistakes. We did some straight crunches, oblique crunches, jack knifes, reverse (back) crunches.. Ok – so, the names are all wrong or incorrectly mentioned. I have been trying to look up the net to get the right names for the exercises what we did, and I think these are the ones – but I certainly could be wrong.

Anyway, lets just say that we really worked out abs and back quite well 🙂

Biked back (again 4.4 kms in ~17 minutes).

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