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July 4, 2010 – Sunday: Back on the Classic after a long time

Back on the classic circuit after a while, and really liked the run this morning.

Had a group of fast runners at AU: Anand, McKinsey Ramesh, Ramesh Seshadri, Senthilanand, Neville, Yash, Saravanan – and then there was me trying to figure out where I would fit. Clearly, the RW was out of favor here and all I could hope to do was try and hang on as much as possible.

Surprisingly, the group actually stayed together for quite a long time. For almost 6-7 kms, we were all in ear shot distance and very often we would actually bunch up and run together.

We were probably running at ~10 kmph, and at around the 6k mark, Senthil came up and said that he wasn’t feeling great today, and was probably one of his bad days! Man, I wish I had a bad day like that, because he said that – and then took off! He just shifted gears and went for it.

We met Srinath sir, at the entry of Annie Besant Road, who had done some 8-9k at that stage and he stuck up a conversation with Senthil – which also meant that they were running *easily* at some 11+ kmph and pulling Ramesh, Neville and I with them. I was trying my best to keep up with them, at least till the beach

I think I did that 10k in just under 58 minutes, took a walk-breather till the 1 hour mark, waved all of them (Senthil, Ramesh and Neville) ahead and resorted to a 4:1. Mckinsey Ramesh caught up with me and thanks to the R:W, we played a little bit of back and forth catch-up for the next 3-4 kms, before he went into IIT to run more!

It didn’t even cross my mind to do that, and I finished at the AU parking having done 15.6 kms in 1:32. Unbelievably, Senthil finished in 1:26 and Ramesh finished in 1:29 => which meant that Senthil gained 6 minutes over me just in the last 5 k! Ramesh gained 3 mins in the last 5k – They are in some real great shape, and I certainly need to do a lot of work if I need to be somewhat in the same frame as them. But, they are in a different league right now. Lets see if I drop off or keep pace.

Stretching with Yash was good. We were also joined by Shahid, Tiger, Hari (great to see him back and running! 🙂 ), Siva and Ramani.

We discussed the ECR 12 planning over breakfast – seems like a lot of work to be done, and it’ll be fun too, to be a part of that.

Overall, feels good to be back running. 🙂

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