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July 3, 2010 – Saturday: Getting back to some running

Gosh – its been a week since I ran last, and that was the Bear creek half. I have gained 4 kgs in the 2 weeks that I spent at US! 4 kgs! Can you believe that!? What the hell! Almost everyone is commenting on the extra weight which I seem to have visibly added.

So, I was looking forward to doing something, but also knew that it shouldn’t be too long since I wanted to be in some reasonable shape for the Sunday classic. But, if I hadn’t run today as well, it would have been my first full week this year without a run – I certainly didn’t want that

So, biked to the Boat club, did a 5:1 R:W for exactly 20 minutes, did some very little leg work in the gym and rode back home.

The 20 minute 3k run was completely motivated by just wanting to score one run this week and then go ‘Week 26 – Tick’. But, even then, I was a little surprised that I gathered a bit of rust and didn’t feel good at all during the run.

But, the overall combination of about 35 minutes of cycle (~17-18 minutes one way) + 20 mins running + ~20 mins of leg weights seem to go well.

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