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June 15, 2010 – Tuesday: A cycling day

Thanks for last nights party, I could not wake up at 4:30, and skipped the run. But, I did wake up by around 5:45, and was feeling a little guilty that I had posted today’s run, but did not turn up. I also groggily remembered that Shankar had sms’ed me at 4:30 saying he is on his way to Dimensions. So, I cycled there, met Ananth who said that Shankar and Mani had gone for a run – so he did have company :-).

Went to Boatclub gym from there, fiddled around with weights for a bit and got back. But, the real cycling came later.

To get to office, I had decided to cycle to the Lighthouse station and then take the MRTS from there. But, once I got to the lighthouse MTRS station (which was 4.7 kms; 22 mins from home), I realized that there was no cycle stand there! Damn. The cops who were sitting there, lounging about with nothing to do informed me that I would have to go to the Mylapore station to park the cycle.

Then, I figured that I might as well ride to the office :-). Thanks to the longer route via the beach – foreshore estate, it took me 55 minutes to ride the 14.5 kms. It was hot and sweaty, but the real problem to me was the lousy traffic, exhaust fumes, signals and the dust which made it a little tough. But, once I got to office, it wasn’t that bad. I, thankfully, bought a deo and it really wasn’t much of a problem. The comments from Dailymile were a big boost and now, I have no choice but to continue with this :-).

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