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June 13, 2010 – Sunday: A tiring, but satisfying 25k with Senthil

Having done 21.something last weekend, according to the 10% theory, we should be doing ~24 to 25k this weekend. I hadn’t run or done anything for the last couple of days and so was reasonably rested and had no complaints/ excuses at all to offer.

Started off on a 5:1 – and discovered that we had as many as 7 runners on a R:W, and just 3 on an all run! :-). Nice to see that.

McKinsey Ramesh, Vilwa and Saravanan were running the classic continuously and so disappeared quite fast. The run-walkers were: Ramesh Seshadri, Ramani, Mani, Yash, Senthil, Siva, Gauthama and me. That makes 8! I thought I counted 7.

Anyway, to be honest, it was mostly an uneventful run. Very peaceful and slow to start. We were running at an Avg of 9 kmph for most of the time. I skipped the coconut water because I was in such a nice rhythm that I didn’t want to let it go.

It remained that way for most of the run. I snagged this chart from my Garmin dashboard to show how consistent it was:

Garmin timing chart

It was a 5:1 with the runs around the sub-10 kpmh speed, and walks around the 5-5.5 kmph speed.

We started getting tired by around the 16-17k mark, but just got on with it.

Towards the end, once we got into Anna Univ, Ramesh stopped and it was Senthil and me for the last 3-4k. Senthil increased the pace, and I surprisingly found that I could keep up. Since I knew that it was just a matter of the last 2-3k, pushed as much as possible and finished rather strongly.

But, after I stopped, the tiredness hit and within no time, I was feeling sore all over. Still feeling sore now.

But, it was a good run to do 25k in 2:42. 

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