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June 10, 2010 – Thursday: Vilwa! What a runner!

Was at Dimensions by 5, but no one turned up. At 5:15 when I was contemplating other options, Vilwa came running in, followed by Mukesh and we set off on the normal Thursday route. Met Balaji at Chamiers rd junction. Vilwa and I paired up and ran ahead; Mukesh and Balaji right behind.

The weather today was specially designed and had ‘Made for Running’ written on it.

Vilwa set a scorching pace and I just hung along while we he pulled me all the way to Velankani church. Desperately needed a break which we took then, and started back. I was struggling to stick along and that was possible only because Vilwa is on his recovery mode having not run for a while now!

Met Mukesh again, walking alone towards the beach. Apparently, Balaji had turned around.

On the way back, at around the middle of Annie Besent Road, we met a nice, big group of runners (around 7-8 of them) running towards the beach. Wonder what they are training for. I recognized one of them – Rekha Sudarshan, Deepu’s Lamas teacher. She is certainly terrific in her classes and I hadn’t known that she is a runner as well. Good to know that I now have an opening for striking a conversation the next time I bump into her. 🙂

At the end of the Malar hospital bridge, we had just crossed 10k, and I was totally tired then. Took another break, and asked Vilwa to go ahead. He shot off ahead as if he was just starting his run. Thankfully, I spied on Balaji running back and tagged along with him. Took my 3rd break in 10 mins, and then pushed to get home.

Superb run. Especially till the 10k mark. In all, did 12.5k in 1:12 something.

Big thanks to Vilwa who, by the way, at that time was far, far ahead, and had continued to run past Dimensions. What is he made of?

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  1. Divya
    June 10, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    I wish I knew what he is made of!
    I ran another 5-miler yest. Its getting a little better, but wind and traffic lights are so annoying!

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