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June 7, 2010 – Tuesday: Flyover repeats

Nice weather today yet again. In attendance today were McKinsey Ramesh, Balaji, Senthil Anand, Tiger Ramesh, and also saw Vilwa and Mukesh running solo.

Followed the standard, prescribed hill training session – Run till Nilgiris and back; and then 6 repeats of the CP Ramasamy road flyover. One of the unique and best parts of this training is that it keeps everyone together – we are just going up & down a 200 meter patch (we measured that) – and so no matter how fast or slow you are, there is always company.

We originally intended to 10 of those repeats but wisely stopped with 6. Senthil and I took a small detour while getting back to Dimensions in an attempt to clock 10k for the day, but that was not on the priority list and so when we got to Dimensions after having done ~9.2k in 1 hour (all included), I was more than happy.

But, everyone – Balaji, Ramesh and Senthil kicked my butt this morning. They were all on fire today. I was lagging behind on everyone of those runs.

Nice workout this morning. Should do more of this.

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