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June 4, 2010 – Friday: Nice and easy Friday LSD

Once again, Senthil wrote a nice run report and so will copy-paste from his email:

Friday Dimensions run report:

We were four of us (Ram, Senthil, Shankar and myself) today in Dimensions this morning. Wednesdays interval run along with the sprints (led by Sandy) in AU still had its effect for most of us. My hamstring/quads were conveying that they havent recovered from the previous run. We started from Dimensions, went into BoatClub loop. Ram had suggested a new loop inside AU quarters opp to AU campus, tried that..

Then entered AU for a small loop. Lots of discussion on various topics while running from books to traffic to worklife balance etc. For those who want to do some reading try (non running related though) “Games Indians Play: Why we are the way we are”, http://www.firstandsecond.com/store/books/info/bookinfo.asp?txtSearch=4152485.

After the run, Ram had this nice gesture of presenting Shankar the Vancover Marathon medal and a T Shirt, towards Shankars efforts. Thoughtful gesture.

After some stretching, we dispursed. Good run especially after Wednesdays rigorous one…


Distance and time: 10.8 in 1:09

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